Brown French door by Zen Windows St. Louis

French Doors

Installing French doors or windows is a great way to update the aesthetics and functionality of your home. With their stylish, elegant, and high quality panels, you get both beauty and extra useful functions at the same time. They are very easy to install and are great to use as they invite a significant amount of light into your home.

The biggest selling point of French doors, no doubt, is their beauty. They have been recognized for adding style and sophistication to a home. When installed to open up a beautiful and well-designed patio and gorgeous garden, French doors can instantly boost the value of your property. But then again, there is more to French doors than what meets the eye.

French Doors By Zen Windows Are Both Functional And Beautiful

They are functional as much as they are beautiful. French doors basically provide easy access to your backyard. They create a strong connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether your outdoor setting features green forests, a well-manicured garden, pool area, distant seascapes, or open farm fields, French doors allow you to appreciate the beauty of your outdoors.

At Zen Windows, we offer a wide selection of French windows. With the various materials that we have, we can help you come up with one that perfectly matches your home regardless of its design and style.