St. Louis Window Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about replacement windows can be found on this page. We created this guide to help homeowners make better window buying decisions. If at ANY time you have a question, call us 24/7. We’re here to help!

If you are in need of new St. Peters Replacement Windows, Zen Windows is an unparalleled choice. When our customers experience the “Zen Windows Way,” they are blown away by the unique approach we take. We have gotten rid of old, high-pressure sales tactics and replaced them with a painless, five-minute quote process. We provide clear quotes that are 100% accurate—the price we quote is the price you pay, with no hidden fees.

To get a free, no-obligation quote or to schedule window installation at your St. Peters, MO home, just call (314) 399-0856 or contact us online!

The Zen Windows Way: Our Step By Step Replacement Process

The process we use to sell and install windows in St. Peters is like none other. That’s because we’ve looked at things from your point of view as a homeowner, and work to make the process stress-free and easy for you.

Here’s how our window process works.

Step 1: One Quick Phone Call
A 5- to 10-minute phone call is all it takes. We’ll ask a few simple questions, download images of your house, and give you some information about our company. There’s no aggressive sales pitches or pressure tactics.Step 2: One Business Day Later
Within just one business day, we’ll provide an exact quote for your new windows. The quote we email is the guaranteed price you will pay. Take as much time as you need to think things over; we won’t ever rush you by offering “one day only” prices.Step 3: A Few Facts
We don’t want to bombard you with a ton of emails, prodding you into a purchase. But you will receive a few messages with information we believe is important to you as you make a decision. You will receive links to product demonstrations, as well as comments from our past customers. We try to give you the most basic facts, rather than a lot of marketing schemes.

Step 4: Scheduling and More
One important component of a stress-free window install in St. Peters is good communication. After we schedule your window installation, we will provide you with an emailed confirmation, which will explain what you can expect and how you can prepare for the big day. In addition, we’ll give you the name and contact information for the installation manager assigned to your project. That way, if you have any questions or concerns, you know just who to call.

Step 5: The Installation Day
How would you feel about a window installer who shows up and starts working without even a word of introduction? Sadly, that’s what some window contractors in St. Peters do. Not Zen Windows! When your installation manager first arrives, he will introduce himself to you and answer any questions you may have before even touching a single tool. We make sure our installers have excellent communication skills, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers or confusing explanations.

Step 6: Feedback
If anything, no matter how small, is overlooked during your installation, we want to put it right as soon as possible. So, at any point during the process, you can feel free to contact not only the installation manager assigned to you, but also our company owners, Brian and Sara Zimmerman. Everyone at Zen Windows will work hard to make sure your experience is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Step 7: You Pay Nothing Until The Job Is Done
Many window installation contractors in St. Peters, Missouri will require a deposit upfront, but that is not how we operate. Your invoice will not be sent until the job is not just done, but done right. There’s no prepayment or deposit required. And after paying for your windows, you can rest easy with our Lifetime Warranty, which covers most problems that you might run into, including glass breakage. To learn more about this guarantee, visit our Warranty Page.

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The Zen Windows Way means stress-free, no-pressure service, with maximum accountability for our staff. If that sounds like a business you want to work with, give us a call at (314) 399-0856 for a convenient, 100% accurate quote.

Types & Styles of Replacement Windows for St. Peters Homes

Replacement Windows for St. Peters Homes

At Zen Windows St. Louis, we provide the full range of window types and styles to meet any needs and budget! We also specialize in installation and replacement of all of the windows we sell.

Whether you’re looking to put new vinyl windows in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere in your St. Peters home, there are many different options, including:

  • Double hung windows have two operable panes that slide up and down to open from the top or bottom.
  • Sliding windows open by pushing one pane horizontally, from left to right and vice versa.
  • Casement windows have right- or left-side hinges that allow them to open by swinging outward, like a door.
  • Awning windows have hinges at the top sash, letting them open by swinging outward.
  • Hopper windows have bottom hinges, allowing them to swing inward and down, so they open like an oven door.
  • Picture windows don’t open, so they can be much larger than other window types, allowing for excellent views of the outdoors.
  • Bow and bay windows protrude out from a home’s structure. They tend to include one larger picture window flanked by double hung or casement windows.
  • Garden windows are like mini versions of bay and bow windows. These windows, which also extend out from a home’s structure, provide more sill space for houseplants and personal items.
  • Round top windows, which may also be called half-arch windows, have curved arches at the top sash.
  • Special shape windows are custom windows available in various shapes and sizes. They’re great options for enhancing architectural features and natural light.

All of our windows come with various options, from high-performance low-E coatings and tinting to different color frames and more. The bottom line is that when you want to be sure you’re getting the best value and superior service for the windows in your St. Peters home, just contact Zen Windows St. Louis!

Call Zen Windows at (314) 399-0856 or contact us online now for your free, zero-hassle quote for replacement windows!

Replacement Doors in St. Peters, MO

In addition to our top-quality replacement windows, Zen Windows St. Louis is also proud to offer beautiful, secure replacement doors from leading manufacturers. Our replacement doors can add curb appeal and character to your home while enhancing its security and indoor comfort levels! Choose from our selection of:

  • Entry doors: Our front doors come in an array of custom options. They are just as eye-catching as they are effective at withstanding the outdoor elements and keeping homes secure.
  • Patios doors: Our sliding glass patio doors can open up any room, adding light, ventilation, and gorgeous views of the outdoors. Plus, they are easy to operate, and highly secure.

To get a free, zero-hassle quote for replacement doors, call Zen Windows at (314) 399-0856 or contact us online now!

Changing the Way People Buy Replacement Windows & Doors in St. Peters, MO

With Zen Windows St. Louis, you get premium windows and doors, top-quality replacement services, and industry-leading warranties! Plus, we’ll never ask for money down, and we’ll never add on hidden fees.

To get a free, no-obligation quote or to schedule door or window installation service, just call (314) 399-0856 or contact us online!

Check out our reviews to see why we’re a leading window contractor in St. Peters, O’Fallon, and the entire St. Louis area.

Not in St. Peters, MO? That’s OK, check out our entire window replacement service area HERE.

Determine What Type of Windows You Need

The first step in the window buying process is simple, you need to determine what type of windows you need AND what quantity you need. Below, you will find all the different window styles we carry. Use the images as a reference as you make your notes.

What we recommend is simply walking around your house with a notepad and jotting down how many windows you have + a count of each type of window. Also, you will want to note if you have any oversized windows (windows that measure larger than 17 sq. ft. – 101 unified inches, e.g. 41″ X 60″ = 101″).

The reason we ask that you note any oversized windows is those windows cost us slightly more in terms of materials. Windows under this size are pretty much the same cost in terms of glass and vinyl. We keep things simple with this “standard vs. oversized” pricing model.

Here’s an example of what your notes might look like once you get done walking around your home…

  • Double Hung Windows – 11 (1 Oversized)
  • Casement Windows – 2
  • Picture Windows – 3 (1 Oversized)
  • Slider Windows – 2
  • Total # of Windows = 18

Notice that in the list above we know how many windows we need, what type of windows they are, and that there are two windows that would be considered oversized.

Once you get this list you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

Here’s the window types for you reference (you can click on any of the window names to read more about that type of window):

Pick Your Colors, Woodgrains, & Grids

So, you’ve got your list of windows—awesome! Now, it’s time to pick out colors, woodgrains, and grids.

If you have trouble picking out what style you want, give us a call. We can tell you what’s most popular and help guide you through the process. Honestly, MOST windows are simply “white inside, white outside” meaning they are your standard white, vinyl windows both inside and out. You really CAN’T go wrong with this timeless look. However, feel free to pick from any of the colors below. You’ll want to determine your inside color AND your outside color.

Here’s your options and note that we DO offer custom colors too!

All vinyl replacement windows are available in White (standard) and Beige colors. Select window models are available in brown.

Maintenance-Free Grids

Choose from a variety of decorative grid patterns for your vinyl replacement windows to enhance the architecture of your home. Our decorative grids are sealed between the panes of glass in the insulating glass units. Select from the following options.

Once you get to this point you know how many windows you need and you have a good idea of what colors / grids you want (don’t worry, if you need some help picking from the many options available we are here to help). Now comes the part everyone struggles with… picking out the BEST St. Louis window replacement company for the installation.

But you’re not just selecting a company—you are selecting a company AND their line of windows, so you need to “grade” the companies on these criterias:

  • Type of Company (Big Brand Vs. Local)
  • Reputation (Online reviews, BBB membership, etc.)
  • Quality of Windows (Check third party quality and energy efficiency ratings)
  • Price of Windows

After you grade each company on the above criteria, you should have a short list comprised of 2-3 companies to get a window installation quote from. CLICK HERE once you ready to get a quote.

We’ve written in depth about each of the four criterias above. Keep reading below, and if you have any questions visit our FAQ page or call us 7 days a week! Our #1 mission is to make each and every person’s window buying experience as pain free as possible!

Types of Window Replacement Companies

You really have two different types of companies to pick from: “Big Brand” vs. “Local”

“Big Brand” Window Companies
The big brand companies are your Andersens, Pellas, and so forth. These companies may be household names, but to become a household name it takes MILLIONS of marketing dollars to be spent. What’s important to note about the big brand companies is the fact that they carry a VERY large amount of overhead. Think of it like this…

If a company has to employ multiple people to run all over town in $50,000 work trucks to give “hard sell” price quotes, how do you think that affects their bids? Or what about the TV commercials, mass direct mail campaigns, billboards, and so forth? Obviously this means they have to make up for all that money they are spending, leading to HIGHER prices.

Now here’s the part most of these companies don’t want you to know – Their salesmen are TRAINED to sell hard and to sell you on the “benefits of working with a big, reputable company” compared to the little guys. They’ll stress that they offer the highest-quality vinyl windows while often times this just isn’t true.

Basically, they try to convince homeowners using a professional salesmen that if they DON’T pay these inflated prices they just won’t get a high quality window, and that’s flat out not true.

“Local” Window Companies
On the opposite end of the spectrum you have your locally owned and operated window companies. These companies tend to compete more on price and service. Where the big brands compete in branding and mass market appeal, the smaller, more agile local companies compete on service, relationships, and often times price.

See a local company has much less overhead, allowing the owner to set prices for THE SAME quality windows at a much lower price. Often times, you will get to work directly with the owner as well, which a lot of homeowners view as a major benefit compared to working with just a “salesman” or “project manager”.

Where Does Zen Windows Fit?
Honestly, Zen Windows fits right in the middle, offering the client the best of both worlds. We are a national brand, which gives us large scale knowledge of the industry, relationships with manufacturers, and more. BUT, we are locally owned and operated meaning you will speak directly with the owner.

We also have a very unique process. We DON’T send a high-priced salesmen to your home—there’s just no need to. We can SAVE that cost, that overhead, and pass it on to you, the buyer, as savings. You can read more about what it’s like to work with us HERE.



What you want to do is look at every possible review source for each company you are considering. Maybe it’s us, Window World, and Andersen, perfect. Do read the reviews for each of the three companies on:

And just compare them. What do past customers have to say? Do they not even have reviews?

If a company is not actively acquiring reviews on these sources there is a good chance they simply don’t have a lot of customer who were ecstatic to have worked with them!

This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. In today’s digital age the consumer is empowered to speak their mind online in seconds.

If a company consistently “WOWS” their customers with great service, quality, and prices that wow factor will translate into online reviews, period.

So go ahead, compare us to the other 2-3 companies and see how we stack up!

Quality of Windows

A number of homeowners today install new replacement windows not only to improve the appearance of their homes, but also to take advantage of the energy saving capabilities that these modern types of windows are able to provide. Unlike their older counterparts, they are more effective in keeping rain, wind, sleet, and snow out of your home during winter while at the same time maintaining the warm temperature inside that keeps your indoors comfortable during the cold season.

During summer, they prevent the cool air from escaping out of your house keeping your indoors cool and airy. This ability of modern windows not only keeps your home comfortable regardless of the time of the year; they can also significantly lower your cooling and heating costs by at least 25%. These major qualities are truly what defines energy efficient replacement windows today.

Essentially, the most energy efficient windows are those that have the ability to keep heat transfer to a minimum, which makes the material used for the window frame a major consideration. This reduction of heat transfer is responsible in keeping the heat within the home during winter and letting it out during summer. The double glazed glass pack that has a PPG Intercept spacer or a foam Super Spacer in between the glass panels can further reduce the heat transfer to a minimum.

In addition, the glass technology used in modern replacement windows has greatly improved through the years. For instance, there’s the low emissivity coating that is able to reflect heat back in the form of infrared light without compromising the amount of natural light that gets into the room. As for the materials used in the construction of the frames and sashes, vinyl ranks high in terms of energy efficiency.

The design of the windows is equally given the attention to make replacement windows even more efficient especially in sealing out air and preventing water infiltration. Those that have sashes that directly close snugly into pocket headers and sills perform better. In addition, the sashes particularly on vinyl windows come with rubber seals and weather strips further improving the units’ sealing ability.

In the past, the frames of the windows were mechanically connected through nails or screws. This method does not only weaken up over time, it also creates gaps that allow air and water to get in. To address this issue, vinyl windows today have their sashes and frames welded together providing stronger and better ability to withstand bend and flex movements without loosening up while at the same time provide protection against natural elements.

To put it simply, the production of modern replacement windows has come a long way resulting to the creation of units that do not only last far longer but also perform way better than their older versions. Today more than ever, the decision as to whether to get new windows or not has become a no brainer for most homeowners. In St. Louis, getting new windows is a decision made simpler by Zen Windows. Call us today and get your quote within 5 minutes and have your windows installed as soon as possible.

Price of Windows

Everybody loves a good price. People will buy goods or services if they get a good deal. However, in the home improvement industry, you have to be wary of products that are sold very cheaply. In most cases, you always get what you paid for. As the saying goes, “Buy cheap and you’ll end up buying twice.”

When you shop for new replacement windows, you will discover that they can vary in price ranging from $200 to as much as and even more than $1500. If you choose windows that cost from $200 to $400, you may think that you have found a good deal and will be able to save money, but not long after, you will find yourself looking for new windows again. This is because this type of windows doesn’t last for a long time either because of the sub-standard quality of the unit and installation or poor window warranty. Largely because they will only serve you for a short time, these windows are often referred to as rental windows.

Meanwhile, there are windows that cost $600. They are often sold by companies who are in the business for the long haul. These windows more often than not boast of excellent quality, which is further complemented with excellent installation services.

On the other hand, there are windows that are priced at $1500 each. They actually have the same quality as those windows that only cost $600. How is this possible? You see, just as windows are not created equal, so are window companies. There are companies out there who want to make money fast at the expense of customers who don’t know better. Needless to say, gullible customers become easy targets. Don’t get this wrong. The windows are often of good quality and the installation just as great. But the thing is, you can have the same quality for a lot less.

So, what does the huge diversity in price tell you? It should tell you to choose your window company really well. Find those who care more about your needs than the money they can potentially earn. Look for companies who have been in the industry for years. Chances are that they are reputable companies who have long established their reputation based on integrity, honesty, and quality products and services.
You will have the assurance that in case of problems with your units, a good company will offer you the kind of support that you can rely on at any given time and will respond to your call right away. They will deal with the problem within 24 hours.

When you think about it, when you choose the windows that cost $600, you will not only get quality products and services at a reasonable price, you will also get more value in your investment knowing that the company you’re dealing will give you the peace of mind that your investments are well protected.

Still Need More Info?

A window replacement project can be overwhelming especially when you have never tried it before. Homeowners who have taken this route in the past will tell you that it is not exactly a walk in the park. There are so many factors to consider and decisions to make. For one thing, there are many types and kinds of windows to choose from. You have to weigh their pros and cons to be able to make the most out of the benefits they can offer your home.
In addition, you have to choose which among the materials available to use on your windows to ensure high energy performance, strength, and longevity. While the internet can be useful, you will also be bombarded with an overload of information that oftentimes it can be difficult to determine which information is truly helpful and reliable. Needless to say, the whole experience can be overwhelming.
Here’s some information that will help you sort things out and enable you to make an informed decision later on when it comes to your replacement windows.

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