Homeowners who choose us are amazed by how hassle-free we make getting brand new O’Fallon Replacement Windows.  In every single area that matters (pricing, service, and installation), we take the old way of doing things and improve everything you thought you knew about window replacement.

The old way involves a complicated, drawn out, high-pressure in-home sales presentation.

The Zen Way is a 5-minute quote process that saves time and frustration.

Instead of advertising a low price then trying to upsell you to higher priced windows and add-ons, the Zen Way offers firm, clear quotes that you can trust to be 100% accurate. The price Zen Windows gives you is a price you can count on.

The old way involves fancy showrooms with high overhead, and these costs are passed on to homeowner. The Zen Way relies on outstanding video presentation that focus on our high-quality O’Fallon Replacement Windows – you know exactly what you’ll get, but without hidden fees to cover the high overhead costs.

You’ll Love Our Window Replacement Process

No Hassles. No Pressure. No Stress.

Our customers often marvel at just how easy we make window replacement in O’Fallon, MO, and our clean & simple process is no accident. We take pride in viewing every step of the process from the homeowner’s perspective.

The beauty of the ‘Zen Windows Way’ is that you end up with attractive, high-quality windows, but without all the stress and hassle typically associated with window contractors in O’Fallon, MO. Here’s a walk through of our innovative process…

Step 1: Five-Minute Quotes
Our quote process is straightforward and simple – You call us and a representative takes a few minutes to ask you some questions. We then give you some quick information about who we are, skipping the lengthy sales pitch. Additionally, we use technology to bring up pictures of your home, which allows us to give you the most accurate quote. In 5 or 10 minutes, you are off the phone.

Step 2: Emailed Quote Within 1 Business Day
Within one business day, we’ll email you a rock-solid quote that is exact, right down to the penny. You won’t have to worry about any surprises or hidden fees, and our no pressure process means you can take all the time you need to decide, with no pressure to buy now. On top of that, unlike other replacement-window contractors in O’Fallon, MO, you’ll never hear us using pricing gimmicks where “this price is only good for today.”

Step 3: A Small Handful of Additional Emails About Our Products & Service
As you go through the process of making an informed decision, we’ll also email you some additional information to get a better idea of our products and services. You’ll get links to product demonstration videos so you get a good idea of the quality of our windows. We’ll also send you testimonials from other homeowners about their experience with Zen Windows. We will never bombard you with a ton of irrelevant sales messages for fill your inbox with spam – just the facts.

Step 4: Installation Communication
We here at Zen Windows are very attentive about scheduling and communicating about your new window installation here in O’Fallon, MO. Once we have an agreed upon installation time and date, we’ll email you a confirmation telling you exactly what to expect and what preparations you can make prior to installation.

We will also send you the name and contact information of your installation manager – giving you peace of mind should you have any questions and concerns on the day of your installation.

Step 5: Installation Day
It’s incredible to us, but some window companies in O’Fallon, MO just show up and begin doing the work without even introducing themselves – that won’t happen with us. Our professional and courteous installation manager will introduce himself and make sure any questions or concerns you have been addressed before we pick up a single tool.

We focus on having effective communicators in our key positions, and you never have to worry about any language barriers.

Step 6: Provide Feedback
It is important to know that if, at any point during this process, you have questions or issues, you will have not only the installation manager’s contact information, you will also have a direct line to our owners, Dennis and Rhonda Riley. We value your feedback and if even the smallest detail is overlooked, we would like the opportunity to make it right for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Step 7: We Don’t Ask for Any Payment Until the Job Is Done
Zen Windows is the type of O’Fallon, MO window and door contractor that only presents the invoice at the completion of your project. We never ask for deposits or pre-payment, so we only get paid when the job is done – and done right.

You’ll never have to worry about paying for anything for your replacement windows. Our super-strong Lifetime Warranty is your peace of mind protection – it even covers Glass Breakage. For details, please visit our Warranty Page.

Stress-free service with maximum accountability – that’s how we do things at Zen Windows. If we sound like your kind of company, contact us to get started.


Get Top Quality Windows for Less in O’Fallon, MO

Do you want to pay every month for your O’Fallon Replacement Windows for what seems like forever? Of course not, and you shouldn’t have to!

Save money each month by investing in energy efficient replacement windows in O’Fallon, MO!

The Economics of Energy Efficient Windows

Most people don’t understand how much money is leaking out their windows each month in the form of wasted energy. This is especially true for windows that are more than 10 years old.

And, of course, wasted energy means higher energy bills.

Some points to remember:

As energy costs rise, there are few things as valuable as energy efficient products on your home. Although energy costs fluctuate, they continuously go up over time, a trend that is expected to continue.

With uncertainty about climate change, heating and cooling needs could very well increase significantly, making it even more important to outfit your home with energy saving replacement windows. Good windows don’t just keep you warmer in the winter; they also help keep your home cooler in the summer by lessening heat transfer.

The bottom line is homeowners need to protect themselves as much as possible from energy price increases. Invest in new technology and new products such as energy efficient windows in O’Fallon, MO is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

All of Our Replacement Windows Are Energy Efficient

With replacement windows from Zen, you get peace of mind because every window we install in O’Fallon, MO is energy efficient. We won’t sell inferior windows for one simple reason: they will cost our customers more in the long run in the form of higher energy bills.

O'Fallon replacement windows being installedEven our most modestly priced windows are equipped with a sophisticated, double-insulating Solar Low-E glass system. This Solar Low-E system incorporates double-strength glass, a high-performance Low-E coating, stainless steel Intercept™ spacer system and argon gas, and this superior blend of technologies is just our most basic option. There are a variety of upgrade options available as well.

For example, we have an affordable triple glass configuration, several different Low-E coatings and spacer options – all of which can be customized to suit your needs.

While glass and coatings are the most important energy efficient factors, weather-stripping and foam insulation also play a role in overall energy efficiency. All our windows come with strategically-placed superior wool-pile weather-stripping. In addition, foam insulation comes standard on some of our windows, and is available as an upgrade option on others.

No matter which of our windows you choose, you will be getting an energy efficient choice. We have ‘good, better, and best’ options, so you can find the windows in O’Fallon, MO that keep your comfort level high and your energy bills lower.

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Our window and door quotes are firm and in writing – there are no hidden fees. You can rest assured that you won’t pay a single penny more than our iron-clad quote.

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