Ideal Solutions for Bathrooms & Basements in St. Louis

Adding light and ventilation to bathrooms and basements is essential for opening up these rooms, preventing them from feeling closed-off and stuffy. Whether it’s on the first floor, basement, or another part of the home, awning windows will allow you to enjoy fresh air and privacy throughout the year.

Awning windows can be opened to allow sunlight and fresh air into the room with ease. Because of their design, an open window won’t take up space within the room. This is ideal for basement bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms where space is limited.

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What Are Awning Windows?

awning windowAwning windows are ideal for saving space. They are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom of the frame. Because of their compact design and their higher placement on the wall, they illuminate dark spaces while preserving your privacy. They can also be paired with larger, stationary windows so that you can enjoy expanded views when you want them and privacy when desired. In fact, many clients opt to use opaque glass that further enhances privacy and security.

Do you have questions about the installation of awning windows in St. Louis? Contact Zen Windows St. Louis at (314) 399-0856! Our team will tell you how we position the windows in your home for optimal light and privacy.

Enjoy the Advantages of Awning Windows

Awning windows save space and are easy to clean and maintain. They can be left open when it’s raining because they allow water to run down and away from your home. Their small size and dependable latching system mean they are more secure than other window options.

Awning windows’ smaller size means they can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, workrooms, and more. This allows you to enjoy the light you desire without having to renovate your spaces to fit a larger window. The only drawback of awning windows is that they require unobstructed outdoor space for proper function. This isn’t usually a problem, but it can be if you have foliage, shrubbery, or other exterior features that would impede the window’s opening.

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Awning Windows Installation and Replacement in St. Louis

At Zen Windows, our experienced installation team adheres to the strictest quality standards on every installation we perform. We carefully assess the installation site and perform all necessary tasks to ensure a proper fit for your new windows. We only offer superior quality windows from the world’s leading manufacturers.

As always, our no-money-down guarantee and double-warranty from both the manufacturer and our company ensure that you have solid, reliable protection year after year.

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