Double hung windows are made with upper and lower sashes that slide up and down in one single frame to provide ventilation. This type of window, which is commonly installed adjacent to patios, decks, and walkways, is recognized for its classic look.

Double hung windows are very similar to single hung windows except that the former have operable sashes in the casement while the latter only have the bottom sash working. In addition, with double hung, the sashes can also be tilted for easy cleaning. This makes them ideal in dusty areas as they offer ease of cleaning and maintenance especially when they are installed in higher floors of your house.

Double hung windows also provide great ventilation since they have the ability to open up half of their entire size. They are likewise very energy efficient, plus they offer protection against UV rays. Double hung windows often come in both vinyl and wood casements.

Though they are known for their classic look, double hung windows are actually great for any home, whether traditional or modern in style. You can choose from several of our different product lines and material types to come up with double hung windows that fit your needs and style.