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St. Louis Replacement Windows The Zen Way

Zen Windows of St Louis OwnersLet’s face it… MOST homeowners expect the window replacement process to be long and stressful. Which windows are the best value? How long will this take? How expensive are my new custom windows going to be?

At Zen Windows, we’ve created a unique, easy, stress-free process, providing top-quality, energy-efficient windows with no-money-down installations! We never hassle you into buying windows you don’t need, and we always put your preferences and needs first!

My name is Dennis Riley. My wife Rhonda and I own Zen Windows St. Louis, a top window replacement company founded by Dan Wolt in 1986. For more than 30 years, our mission has been to revolutionize the way people buy windows and to always provide exceptional service and great results! Today, we are proud to still be providing top-of-the-line window installation services throughout the St. Louis area.

There are a few key things that make us different from other local window providers and the “big brands” like Andersen, Pella, etc. Here’s just a few…

  • No Money Down – Most companies will require you to pay for your windows up front, leaving you to hope the installation is completed properly. At Zen Windows, don’t ask for a DIME up front because we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the results before you pay us. In fact, we are 110% confident you will love your new windows once they’re installed!
  • Fast, Expert Installation – Not only are our installers well trained, but they’re readily available to install your windows within just a few weeks.
  • Price – Some companies “get their foot in the door” with lowball offers for LOW-quality windows. At Zen Windows, we only install top-quality windows at competitive prices!
  • Premium Quality Windows – We usually direct our potential customers to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Our windows have the AAMA gold label. Even some big names in the industry such as Simonton (Home Depot) can’t get this rating! Our quality is in line with Anderson, Pella, and other major brands, BUT we typically offer better prices than these companies.

My wife and I are PERSONALLY available to answer your questions about our windows, our company, and our innovative window replacement process. If you’re ready to get a fast, free, zero-hassle quote, call us directly at (314) 399-0856 or contact us online now. We can typically get you a quote in a few hours, whereas some of our competitors will take 2 to 10 days!

Replacement Windows The Zen Way

We’re redefining the way St. Louis homeowners buy windows and here’s why…. no more pushy salesmen selling you overpriced windows! With us, you get high quality replacement windows for less than what the “big brands” sell them for simply because we DON’T pay salesmen to drive all over St. Louis, giving homeowner after homeowner the “hard sell”. Our reputation speaks for itself. With hundreds of happy customers, dozens of five star reviews, and an A+ rating with the BBB, it’s easy to see why Zen Windows is one of the fastest growing window companies in the nation!

2017 Super Service Award

We’re excited to announce that we won Angie’s List’s Super Service Award for the third year in a row in 2018 for our 2017 service to our clients!

Recent St. Louis Zen Windows Projects

We’ve installed thousands of new windows for hundreds of happy clients in St. Louis. We install very high-quality windows for a fraction of the cost of Andersen or Pella windows. Our customers love our “no-hassle” window replacement sales process, and we think you will too. Check out some of our recently completed projects below, and then give us a call to get your fast, free, accurate window quote.

Our Window Installation Process

What sets us apart from other window replacement companies in St. Louis is our process, our prices, our exceptional service, and our consistently excellent results.  If you’ve ever bought windows from any of the “big brands,” you are probably familiar with their VERY high-pressure salespeople.  At Zen Windows, we never use high-pressure, in-your-face sales tactics. Instead, we take the stress out of getting window quotes by allowing you to submit your information online or over the phone.  Here’s how it works from start to finish…

Step 1: Call Us or Fill Out Our Online Quote Form – It’s completely up to you!  We have a very easy step-by-step online quote submission process, or you can call us 7 days a week to talk about your project and get an accurate quote over the phone.

Step 2: Get a Window Quote in 5 Minutes – Once we know the number of windows involved and the types of windows you need, we can get you a quote incredibly fast without having to send someone to your home.

Step 3: Review Your Quote – We send you back a FIRM estimate. Other companies will “get their foot in the door” with low-priced, low-quality windows. Not us. We quote you what you will actually pay. We won’t try to “hard sell” you later, and we never add hidden fees later. That means that our quotes are not estimates—they’re promises!

Step 4: Schedule Measuring Appointment – We will send a window specialist to your home to measure your windows for you.  Don’t worry!  We don’t ask you to supply us with the measurements.

Step 5:  Schedule the Installation – We’ll order your windows at no cost to you and then install them three to six weeks later.

Step 6:  Payment Is Made AFTER Your Windows Are Installed – Once your windows are installed, we will ask for payment. By not requiring any upfront payment, we are accepting all the risk.  Only a company extremely confident in their level of service would make this kind of payment arrangement!

Top Quality Replacement Windows

Discover the perfect window or patio door for your home in minutes.  We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.  We’ve even prepared a “Buyers Guide” to help you select the perfect options.  Curious to see how we stack up against Pella, Andersen, or Window World?  No problem, we’ve got you covered there too.
Double Hung

Double Hung

Double hung windows combine energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use.


Casement windows perfectly combine beauty and function in a sleek form.


Awning windows provide an attractive contemporary look that allows for maximum ventilation.


Extending outward from your home, bay windows create a dramatic, architectural display while creating additional space in a room.


Bow windows feature a rounded, crescent-shaped design that proturdes from your home to create dramatic curb appeal.


Slider windows feature the most glass area of any operable window, making them the perfect solution for small spaces.

Thousands of Windows Installed, Hundreds of Happy Clients

Before you hire just any St. Louis window replacement company, be sure to check their reviews.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people every year are pressured into buying windows they don’t want, don’t need, or can’t afford by the “big brands.”  Don’t let that be you.  At Zen Windows St. Louis, we’ve got DOZENS of reviews, and not one of them is negative.  Go ahead and read about what it’s like to work with us compared to these other companies.  Get it straight from the customers’ mouths and NOT from a pushy salesperson.  Do your research, we encourage you to.  We’re confident you’ll make the right choice!
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The owner came on site to supervise the installation. The door arrived damaged from the factory but was quickly replaced with a perfect one. The installation is beautiful, and a problem around the old door was repaired at no extra cost. The installer was excellent and detailed.
Philp R.

Philp R.

Went very well. Excellent communication, punctual and friendly staff. They used cloths to cover all my carpet and cleaned up all their mess. Left my house cleaner than it was when they arrived. Wow! Will use again or refer to others.
Sandra M.

Sandra M.

What a great way to buy windows! I was able to get a quote and buy windows over the phone without having a salesman come to my house. I would definitely recommend Zen Windows St. Louis and will be using them again.
Stephen R.

Stephen R.