Double-Pane VS Triple-Pane Replacement Windows In Chesterfield MO: Which One Makes Sense for You?

At this point you most likely have realized how multi-pane windows are superior to their single-pane counterparts particularly in terms of thermal and sound insulation. These sophisticated replacement windows, which feature two panes of glass inserted with inert gases in between, rank high on energy efficiency allowing you to have a more comfortable… [Read More]

The Connection Between Replacement Windows In Weldon Spring MO, Moisture And Your Home

Have you noticed your window and window sill soaked on the inside even if it’s not raining? This could be a sign of a serious condensation problem. And unfortunately, it is something that you shouldn’t ignore. You see, a lot of moisture-induced damages on your window sills and their surrounding areas are due to condensation build-up. But what… [Read More]

Lead-based Paint: Do Your Replacement Windows In Glencoe MO Have It?

Chances are that you’ve heard of lead by now. Although a very common material used in a variety of industries and in a number of products, it is no way safe. The truth is that it is very dangerous. Unfortunately, your home may be filled with various lead-contained items ranging from car batteries, toys and even your window frames. If your home is… [Read More]