Dennis HeadshotAs someone who has been a lifelong resident of Missouri, I have grown to really love the place and the people. I’m Dennis Riley and with my wife Rhonda, we are more than excited and happy to be members of the Zen Windows family. We are thrilled by the fact that we provide a no-pressure and simple way of buying replacement windows and doors in St. Louis, MO.

Rhonda and I have long been involved in the home building and remodelling industry as it is our way of earning a second income as well as a way to provide ourselves with a nice and relaxing distraction from the full time jobs that we have. As we were in the business, we discovered the peace that comes from seeing a project getting completed. More importantly, we found great satisfaction in seeing other people enjoy the fruits of our labor. For us, happiness isn’t and doesn’t come from material things so much as the entire experience that life can offer and the people we met and are going to meet along the way. That’s where Zen Windows entered the scene.

For some time we’ve been looking for a business that would provide both a quality product and service. Since we were never fond of being on either end of a high pressure sales routine, we found ourselves intrigued by the whole Zen Windows philosophy of letting the customer decide exactly what he wants and when he wants to get it. Plus, being able to get a window quote in just 5 minutes. Sure, we’d be more than happy to answer any question that our customers may have but ultimately we hand over the decision of purchasing replacement windows and doors to them. We believe that it is our goal to leave each and every single customer that we get with the thought of “Why isn’t everything as easy and hassle free as this?” With Zen Windows St. Louis, you can sit back and relax because it’s really that easy.