Install New Slider Windows for Your St. Louis Home

Close-up of a slider window with a view of trees outdoors. White wall around window.When considering replacement windows for your St. Louis home, slider windows offer many advantages over traditional options.

Slider windows, also known as sash or sliding windows, open from side to side rather than up and down. They comprise two panes of framed glass situated parallel to each other.

Single-hung slider windows allow only one pane to slide open while the other remains stationary in its frame. The double-hung style allows both panes to slide open and closed and even tilt inward or outward for ventilation.

Advantages of Installing Slider Windows

While slider windows were once only available to fit small spaces, you can now custom-design your sliding windows to fit your design needs. You can use sliding windows for purposes like:

  • Brightening a small space over the kitchen sink
  • Complementing bay windows
  • Bringing in more natural light with door-sized sliders
  • And more

Other advantages of sliding windows include:

  • Ease of operation: Slider windows effortlessly slide horizontally on their tracks, eliminating the need to lift heavy, traditional windows.
  • Ease of cleaning: Slider windows can be easily removed from their tracks to allow for thorough cleaning of the inside and outside surfaces.
  • Minimal maintenance: Sliding windows have fewer parts than conventional windows, meaning less chance of breaking vital parts that control operation.
  • Energy efficiency: You can add special coatings to your slider windows to increase insulation and reduce energy bills.

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Custom Sliding Windows

While slider windows offer many functional advantages, they can also be customized to match any style, room, and home. Some of the many different options for customizing sliding windows include:

  • Glass options, such as obscure, tinted, and tempered glass, allowing for a uniquely elegant style
  • Glass grid and etching patterns, which provide options for adding more decorative flair
  • Coatings, like UV-resistant glass inserts that block harmful, skin-damaging rays
  • Frames and other design features, like insect screens, wooden grills, and more

Choose Zen Windows St. Louis for Sliding Windows Installation

At Zen Windows St. Louis, we live up to our promises. Those promises include offering you the:

  • Highest quality and selection of products
  • Best in customer service
  • Exceptional results, ensuring your new sliding windows live up to your expectations and last for years to come

When we sit down to discuss your project, we guarantee you’ll be happy with your new sliding windows, sliding doorsFrench doors, or other windows, and we back our products with a lifetime guarantee you’ll find nowhere else.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

“Zen Windows excels with its customer service. From the initial process of getting a quote to follow-up after the installation, the experience was enjoyable. It’s not often you can say that about a company from start to finish. There was no pressure in upselling or during the time we delayed a little bit to research other providers. The team was 100% professional.” -Bob N., St. Louis

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slider Windows

Common questions we receive about sliding windows include:

How do sliding windows open?

Slider windows open horizontally by sliding one sash over the other, either from left to right or right to left, providing easy access to fresh air without protruding outward.

Are sliding windows cheaper than casement windows?

Generally, slider windows tend to be more cost-effective than casement windows due to their simpler design and mechanics.

Can you use a single-hung window as a slider window?

Yes, using a single-hung window as a slider window is possible, but its performance may not be optimal, and it’s not recommended.


  • 7/8″ insulated glass
  • Intercept spacer system
  • Fusion-welded frames and sashes
  • All windows have double-strength glass
  • Full 3 ¼” frame thickness
  • Electrostatic-coated fiberglass screens

Take a closer look at the color,
woodgrain, and grid options for
replacement windows.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Low-E glass (Cardinal 366) with argon gas
  • Triple low-E (Cardinal 366)/foam-filled sashes
  • Sandstone, dark oak, light oak, cherry (only available on specific product lines)
  • Full screen (fiberglass or wire)
  • Half screen (wire)
  • Contoured and flat grids
  • Brass grids
  • Obscure glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Tinting

* Easy-Clean Glass is included with Low-E/argon.

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