Lower Your Utility Costs With New Windows

If you’re like most St. Louis homeowners, you probably don’t realize how much money gets wasted each month due to inefficient windows. Especially if your windows are older than 10 years, replacing them with a more energy-efficient option is an effective way to minimize spending on energy expenses.

At Zen Windows St. Louis, our team has the energy-efficient window products and services available to help you save big on your monthly bill.

Get the efficient solutions you need to stop overspending on energy expenses by contacting our team to schedule energy-efficient window replacement services today.

How Can Energy-Efficient Windows Save You Money?

According to ENERGY STAR, homeowners stand to save hundreds of dollars per year on their energy expenses when making the switch to ENERGY STAR-certified products. In St. Louis, homeowners can expect to save an average of $319 per year simply by switching to energy-efficient windows. This is because these windows do more to protect against thermal transfer impacting the internal comfort of your home, allowing you to prevent overspending on heating and cooling needs.

Energy-efficient windows can also help homeowners save money on replacing valuables due to sun damage. Drapes, wood floors, photographs, and other personal belongings can all fade or discolor after routine exposure to sunlight. With ENERGY STAR’s specially coated windows, your personal belongings will be well-protected from excess damage due to sun exposure.

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Our Energy-Efficient Window Options in St. Louis

At Zen Windows, our top priority is providing you with the quality window products and service you deserve. For us, that means providing energy-efficient options at a reasonable price. Even our least expensive window options feature double-insulating Solar Low-E glass, designed to combat thermal transfer and provide homeowners with optimal energy efficiency. This superior technology is available at our lowest price point, and you can easily upgrade to more robust options from there.

Along with our advanced glass coatings, each of our windows features strategically placed wool-pile weather-stripping designed to further bolster energy efficiency. Additionally, foam insulation is a standard feature for many of our windows, and can be made available as an upgrade for other window products we provide.

Award-Winning ENERGY STAR Windows Partner in St. Louis

Zen Windows is proud to offer Soft-Lite products to each of our St. Louis customers. This prestigious manufacturer partner has earned the National ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award by the EPA for four consecutive years, from 2014 to 2017. As our main window manufacturer, we are delighted to offer this incredible line of products to residents throughout St. Louis and the surrounding region.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“What a great way to buy windows, I was able to get a quote and buy windows over the phone without having a salesman come to my house. I would defiantly recommend Zen Windows St. Louis and will be using them again.”- Stephen R.

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When you choose Zen Windows for your energy-efficient solutions, you’re selecting a hassle-free window replacement experience at every step of the process. Receive a free five-minute quote online directly from one of our knowledgeable dealers — no high-pressure sales tactics necessary. Zen Windows values your complete satisfaction above all else, which is why we don’t require any upfront deposit to professionally install your energy-efficient window replacements. You won’t pay a dime until the project is finished to your complete satisfaction!

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