How Can Zen Windows Give You An Accurate Quote Without Going To Your Home?

When you talk about replacement windows, this is one of the times that you can say, “Size doesn’t matter.” Well, not that much anyway.
The largest expense involved in manufacturing windows in the factory is not the materials. Each window is custom made. However, all replacement windows require the same number of steps in setting up the jig, the same number of components, the same number of welds, etc. These things don’t change in any way based on the size of the window being made.

As far as the materials needed to make a window that’s 9 sq. ft or 12 sq. ft. in size, there won’t be that much of a difference in the cost of the glass or vinyl. When compared to the overall cost of a window, you’ll know that it’s not something that we at Zen Windows Cincinnati will lose sleep over. But, there’s a point where it does make a little more difference and that would be windows that are larger than 17 sq. ft. (101 unified inches, e.g. 41″ X 60″ = 101″). This is why we’ll ask you for the size of your largest window and how many windows are of that size or close to it. However, even if we get the computations wrong, we won’t end up with a death sentence that’s going to put us into a state of bankruptcy.

To make the answer simple, replacement windows really aren’t that complicated and the tolerances for giving an estimate that both of us can live with won’t require a visit to your house or a pressure filled sales pitch just so we can give you an accurate quote.

What Are The Benefits That You Can Get From Home Replacement Windows?

Much has already been said and written about the benefits of replacement windows. You’ve probably heard so much about how updating your old windows can bring in so many advantages. Let’s take a look at what these benefits are and see for yourself whether or not they are just a pure marketing hype.
Energy Efficiency

Modern replacement windows are in many ways better than their older counterparts. They are designed and built not only to look more attractive but also to be more energy efficient. They are more capable of sealing out outdoor elements like rain, wind, and snow while keeping your indoor space at comfortable temperatures regardless of the time of the year. These major qualities enable thousands of homeowners to lower their energy cost and save money in the long run.

Improved Value
With new windows installed in your home, you do not only enhance the aesthetics and performance of your home but also boost its value. In fact, many homeowners who plan to put their properties on sale install new windows in order to get a good market price. With new windows, the house gets an instant make over. Plus, it is expected to perform better in terms of energy efficiency. All these will boost the re-sale value of your home.

Lesser Noise
Although less recognized, new windows actually have the ability to significantly lower the amount of sounds that get inside the house. This is because the new glass panes provide better insulation that seal out outdoor elements including noise. This substantially reduces sound transmission enabling you to have a quieter and more relaxing time indoors.

Better Glass
Over the years, due to advances made in the manufacture of windows, modern models come with improved glass technology. Today’s replacement windows feature the Low-E glass. It has a special coating that is not visible to the naked eye. This coating allows natural light to get indoors while at the same time offers protection against unwanted UV rays that can damage your skin, fabrics, and home furniture. Plus, it also helps keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels all year round. This can easily translate to much reduced utility expenses and real savings stacked up in the long run.

Better Security
One of the issues about windows in the past is that they offer very little protection against possible break-ins. Nowadays, not only do new models come with impact-resistant glass, they also feature improved locking mechanisms providing homeowners better levels of safety and security.
For your replacement window needs, give us a call. We offer free quotes within 5 minutes with no strings attached.

What Amount Of Money Should I Invest On A Replacement Window – $200, $600, Or $1500?

Everybody loves a good price. People will buy goods or services if they get a good deal. However, in the home improvement industry, you have to be wary of products that are sold very cheaply. In most cases, you always get what you paid for. As the saying goes, “Buy cheap and you’ll end up buying twice.”

When you shop for new replacement windows, you will discover that they can vary in price ranging from $200 to as much as and even more than $1500. If you choose windows that cost from $200 to $400, you may think that you have found a good deal and will be able to save money, but not long after, you will find yourself looking for new windows again. This is because this type of windows doesn’t last for a long time either because of the sub-standard quality of the unit and installation or poor window warranty. Largely because they will only serve you for a short time, these windows are often referred to as rental windows.

Meanwhile, there are windows that cost $600. They are often sold by companies who are in the business for the long haul. These windows more often than not boast of excellent quality, which is further complemented with excellent installation services.

On the other hand, there are windows that are priced at $1500 each. They actually have the same quality as those windows that only cost $600. How is this possible? You see, just as windows are not created equal, so are window companies. There are companies out there who want to make money fast at the expense of customers who don’t know better. Needless to say, gullible customers become easy targets. Don’t get this wrong. The windows are often of good quality and the installation just as great. But the thing is, you can have the same quality for a lot less.

So, what does the huge diversity in price tell you? It should tell you to choose your window company really well. Find those who care more about your needs than the money they can potentially earn. Look for companies who have been in the industry for years. Chances are that they are reputable companies who have long established their reputation based on integrity, honesty, and quality products and services.

You will have the assurance that in case of problems with your units, a good company will offer you the kind of support that you can rely on at any given time and will respond to your call right away. They will deal with the problem within 24 hours.

When you think about it, when you choose the windows that cost $600, you will not only get quality products and services at a reasonable price, you will also get more value in your investment knowing that the company you’re dealing will give you the peace of mind that your investments are well protected.

What’s A Good Warranty On New Windows?

One of the major considerations when shopping for replacement windows is the warranty. A good and solid warranty will ensure that your investment is properly protected. But then again, how will you know that you have a reliable warranty going on for your windows? The key is to know which questions to ask the window company. A good window company will not only accommodate your queries but will also be more than willing to answer all your concerns to help you feel secure with your buying decision.

Here are some critical questions that you should raise.

  1. How long does the warranty cover the windows? There are companies who offer lifetime warranty but the terms and conditions can be so vague and misleading.
  2. Is the warranty of the windows backed up by the window company you got them from or is it backed up by the window manufacturer? The former is considered better.
  3. What does the warranty cover, both the window and the installation or just the windows alone?
  4. In cases of warranty issues, is your window warranty pro-rated?
  5. Will there be extra charges should warranty issues come up?
  6. Is the warranty transferable? If yes, will there be any additional charges?
  7. Is accidental glass breakage included in the warranty? How about if the window screen tears apart?
  8. Is the company’s technician always on call to respond to service calls? Does the company have a service department that can be contacted 24/7 in case of emergency issues?

Even if the company appears to offer a solid warranty, make sure to ask for references. Go out of your way to get in touch with them as they can be a gold mine of helpful information. The answers you will get will help you evaluate how the company responds to service calls. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask.

  1. How long did it take you to file a service call?
  2. How long did it take them to complete the service call?
  3. Was the technician on call when you filed the service call?
  4. Were you charged any amount for the service?

If the company answers to service calls promptly and addresses the problem right away without any extra charge on the client’s end and will continue to apply the same policy in the future, then your windows are in good hands. The main purpose of finding a solid warranty is to make sure that the amount you spent to get the windows installed in your home should be the only investment you will ever spend as far as they are concerned.

This makes it extremely important to spend time to study the components of the warranty to ensure that you have one that will offer the best support as possible when something goes wrong as it sometimes will.

Why Do Other Home Improvement Companies Ask Their Clients For A Down Payment?

In the home improvement industry, it is quite common for companies to demand an initial payment before a work is even started. Commonly, down payments are about 25% of the total amount of the project. If a company asks for more, be wary; more so if a company asks for the whole payment even if the project is not yet done. You have to remember that the person who has the money is in control.

The problem with asking for a down payment is that other companies including some window companies abuse this practice. There are window companies out there who are out for the obvious, to get the client’s check and cash it in. When they have the money they need from you, they often resort to all sorts of delaying tactics disrupting the home life of their clients and cause so much stress and inconvenience.

You have to understand that when it comes to a window replacement project, the process often involves so much work. They will practically tear your house apart. If this project doesn’t finish on schedule, just imagine how inconvenient that may become for you and your family. To ensure that the people who will be doing the job will carry out the task as efficiently and effectively and will finish at a certain date, you have to educate yourself on the different components involved in the whole installation process. This will also prevent you from over spending, paying for unexpected charges.

Here are a couple of important questions that you need to ask about the installation process:

  1. Will I be charged if my windows need to be wood bucked?
  2. Is there an extra charge in case of sill or casing damage?
  3. Who will be responsible for moving the home furniture and any other necessary preparations before you start with the installation process?
  4. Is there a need to remove the air conditioning units? If yes, are you going to put them back?
  5. Are you going to provide me with new capping, casing, or caulk?
  6. Are you going to use silicone when caulking?
  7. Are you going to insulate the walls situated around the windows and put seal around the corners?
  8. Are you going to replace any rotted pieces of wood that you’ll find?
  9. Will I be charged for a new header in case there’s a need for that?

Lastly, make sure to inquire if the company will clean up after themselves once they finish the job. Ask specifically if they are going to clear away all the debris; vacuum your home; and wash your windows. If they will, ask if there will be additional charges for those. A good window company will clean their mess without charging you extra. But there are those who will charge you for anything and everything. This is why it is always a good idea to ask questions so you will know what you are going to pay for.

When you choose Zen Windows, you can freely yourself from one of the biggest challenges of getting replacement windows. You don’t have to worry about any down payment because we don’t ask for any. Our no-money-down policy will ensure that you will not be worried about substandard windows and poor installation as we don’t get paid until the windows are installed in your home and you are 100% happy about it. In short, with Zen Windows, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Why Do Window Bids From Different Window Companies Differ So Much Each Other?

If you are shopping for replacement windows, you will discover that indeed, the prices can vary. Some may be close in range while others can differ to a huge extent. First of all, windows are not created equal. You will find good and bad windows out there. This is why it is important to shop around to be able to compare prices. The Better Business Bureau recommends obtaining quotes from at least 3 different window companies. The problem with obtaining quotes from so many different providers is that it will be hard for you to keep track of all the quotes provided by these companies.

While window providers will provide some explanations to justify the cost of their windows, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the cost of the windows is actually the direct function of the overhead of the window company that provided you the quote. If you think about it, the business model of a window company has a lot to do with the pricing of the windows that they are selling.

For instance, big companies often have huge offices and a large staff including a group of telemarketers, canvassers, sales people, managers, and so on. In addition, it is common for these companies to market their products on newspapers, magazines, the radio, and on TV. All these overloads can be very expensive, thus the companies need to build on the price of their windows to keep up with all the expenses. This further makes their replacement windows more expensive.

The windows are actually of good quality and are often complemented with an equally excellent installation service. So in a way, these companies are not taking advantage of anyone. However, if you are a smart buyer, you can look for the same quality for a much lower price. That is why obtaining quotes is very important since you will not only be able to make a price comparison but you will also know more or less why a bid is too low or too high.

Meanwhile, with Zen Windows’ years and experience in the industry, the company was able to design a business model that can be advantageous for the company and for its clients. This same model makes it possible for its clients to have a pleasant shopping experience. First of all, the company doesn’t employ salespeople. The business thrives mainly through word of mouth referrals and through online searches. With very minimal overhead to maintain, the company is able to keep the prices of its products extremely competitive. In addition, since the business is largely based on referrals, Zen Windows has the added advantage of flexibility, allowing its owner to personally take care of and guide its clients to ensure that they get the right window replacement for their home that is in keeping with their home improvement budget.

How Important Is The Window Installer Who’s Going To Put Your Windows In?

You may have the best windows your money can buy but, if they don’t get properly installed, they will never perform to their optimum potentials. In short, regardless of the quality of your windows, they will only be as good as their installation. This makes it extremely important to verify the qualifications of the people who will handle the installation job.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are not as stringent in checking the qualifications of the installers as they are with the quality of their replacement windows. Many of them thought that the ultimate goal of a window replacement project is finding the best quality windows for their home. Once they found them, they thought their job was done. Think about it. If the installers will not carry out the task as effectively and efficiently as you expected them to, your money will practically go down the drain.

To check whether or not the window installer is the right person to do the job, start by asking the company who will perform the installation, whether their actual employees or subcontractors they hire for the job. Both have their pros and cons. In-house installers are loyal to the company they work for. They will do their best since they represent the company’s name. In addition, most of the installers of a window company have passed the AAMI certification program. But then again, in-house installers should, ideally, be assigned to window installs only. They should not be made the jack of all trades of the company performing all sorts of tasks.

Meanwhile, if subcontractors will do the installation, take note that they are not loyal to any company. They actually work for many different companies at the same time. And, they perform many different tasks as well and not just window installs. Since they are hired per project basis, the window companies decide when to hire them. Many subcontractors are not AAMI-certified. This means that if you are not being careful, there’s a chance that your windows, which you spent time and money to have, will be handed over to the wrong people.

Ideally, the best window installers are those that a company employed and who are also AAMI-certified. They are the kind of installers who have years of experience to back them up. They are trained to perform not just the actual installation, but also other required adjustments that might be necessary before, during, and after the installation itself. These include checking the client’s home for termite infestation and water damage; replacing rotted wood; and insulating the walls, among others.

Don’t get this wrong. There are actually a lot of good subcontractors out there. But then again, when it comes to home improvements, when a significant amount is involved, you have to really make sure that everything is carried out efficiently and effectively to avoid wasting your hard-earned money. When you choose installers that are actual employees of the company, you are reducing the risk of getting a bad install. With a certified AAMI installer, you will have that sense of security that your windows will be properly installed and in case issues come up in the future, you know they will be dealt with accordingly.

What Are The Different Things That Make Replacement Windows Energy Efficient?

A number of homeowners today install new replacement windows not only to improve the appearance of their homes, but also to take advantage of the energy saving capabilities that these modern types of windows are able to provide. Unlike their older counterparts, they are more effective in keeping rain, wind, sleet, and snow out of your home during winter while at the same time maintaining the warm temperature inside that keeps your indoors comfortable during the cold season.

During summer, they prevent the cool air from escaping out of your house keeping your indoors cool and airy. This ability of modern windows not only keeps your home comfortable regardless of the time of the year; they can also significantly lower your cooling and heating costs by at least 25%. These major qualities are truly what defines energy efficient replacement windows today.

With the effort and attention poured into the production of these windows, it is not surprising why they are such energy savers. Among the areas that are painstakingly considered include the overall design of the product, the materials used, as well as the process involved. All these elements play a major role in ensuring that the windows perform to their optimum potentials and allow homeowners to save on energy and save money all throughout the entire lifespan of the units.

Essentially, the most energy efficient windows are those that have the ability to keep heat transfer to a minimum, which makes the material used for the window frame a major consideration. This reduction of heat transfer is responsible in keeping the heat within the home during winter and letting it out during summer. The double glazed glass pack that has a PPG Intercept spacer or a foam Super Spacer in between the glass panels can further reduce the heat transfer to a minimum.

In addition, the glass technology used in modern replacement windows has greatly improved through the years. For instance, there’s the low emissivity coating that is able to reflect heat back in the form of infrared light without compromising the amount of natural light that gets into the room. As for the materials used in the construction of the frames and sashes, vinyl ranks high in terms of energy efficiency.

The design of the windows is equally given the attention to make replacement windows even more efficient especially in sealing out air and preventing water infiltration. Those that have sashes that directly close snugly into pocket headers and sills perform better. In addition, the sashes particularly on vinyl windows come with rubber seals and weather strips further improving the units’ sealing ability.

In the past, the frames of the windows were mechanically connected through nails or screws. This method does not only weaken up over time, it also creates gaps that allow air and water to get in. To address this issue, vinyl windows today have their sashes and frames welded together providing stronger and better ability to withstand bend and flex movements without loosening up while at the same time provide protection against natural elements.

To put it simply, the production of modern replacement windows has come a long way resulting to the creation of units that do not only last far longer but also perform way better than their older versions. Today more than ever, the decision as to whether to get new windows or not has become a no brainer for most homeowners. In St. Louis, getting new windows is a decision made simpler by Zen Windows. Call us today and get your quote within 5 minutes and have your windows installed as soon as possible.

Why Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Considered The Ideal Choice?

Largely because of their low cost, strength, durability, and worry-free maintenance, the popularity of vinyl replacement windows continue to grow. They are in fact one of, if not the most popular type of windows today. The truth is that the demand for vinyl replacement windows today exceeds those of any other alternative materials available including wood.

Many years ago, vinyl windows weren’t the superstars that they are today. In fact, long before they came along, there were already certain window types that existed. First, there were wood windows that for the longest time monopolized the market. For many years, wood was utilized both for practical and aesthetic reasons. Practical because wood resources were abundant during those times and were easily available. In terms of aesthetics, wood offers a nice appearance, which until today has remained unparalleled by any other substitute materials.

But then again, as time passed by, there have been many operational issues surrounding wood windows. Constant exposure to the outdoor elements made them prone to breaking, rattling, etc. which in turn affected their performance. Plus, wood windows can call for regular maintenance. In the early 1990s, steel was used to construct windows. The material offers several advantages. Its main selling point is its strength and durability. The material doesn’t corrode and it can effectively stand up against all the outdoor elements. However, since steel is able to transfer both heat and cold, it makes the indoor space much warmer during summer and colder during winter. In addition, the weight of steel windows poses a problem when it comes to their installation as they can be really heavy.

Then aluminum windows came along. Like steel, aluminum requires very little maintenance, but unlike its predecessor it is lightweight, getting rid of the installation difficulties posed by steel windows. Plus, it is generally more affordable. And so a new generation of aluminum windows was produced. It wasn’t long though before it was realized that when it comes to energy efficiency, aluminum windows don’t perform really well. And so the search for the most ideal material continues until vinyl was discovered.

Not only do vinyl windows rank high in energy performance, they can also effectively withstand the elements outdoors. In fact, they can stand up against these elements far more effectively than wood and metal. The material does not corrode, flake, or peel. It even maintains its color integrity through time. If this isn’t enough, vinyl is also the cheapest material used in the production of windows. It likewise calls for very minimal upkeep and maintenance. In short, for significantly less, you can take advantage of all the amazing benefits that vinyl windows can offer, allowing you to get excellent value for your investment.

Do Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves Through Energy Savings?

There’s no doubt that having new replacement windows installed in your home can improve its overall appearance. Depending on the types and style you get, they can even bring in a certain look and feel that further boosts your property’s curb appeal. However, modern replacement windows transcend the prevailing notion that getting new windows is nothing but a superficial luxury. The truth is that more than anything else, new windows are and should be considered as necessities. They do more than just enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Modern replacement windows are built and designed to be efficient energy savers allowing you to feel comfortable all year long without having to worry about soaring energy bills. In fact, with their energy and money saving capabilities, they can help you lower your energy consumption which can translate to real savings over time. Moreover, they are guaranteed to effectively stand up against all types of outdoor conditions and at the same time call for very minimal upkeep and maintenance. With durability and longevity in mind, they are built to last you for a very long time allowing you and thousands of homeowners to get excellent value for your investment.

If you are not entirely convinced about their energy saving properties, let’s take a look at a typical vinyl replacement window with just the basic glass package of Low-E and argon. On the assumption that gets properly installed, it can help you lower your energy bills by at least 25% every month. If your monthly bill averages at $100, you will be able to save a minimum of $300 per month without the consideration of inflation. Over a 10-year period, you will be able to set aside no less than $3000. This only goes to show that replacement windows are the kind of investment that actually pay for themselves in a few years’ time.

If you think about it, nobody can force you to update your old windows. However, smart homeowners who see a financial benefit on new windows will do. The choice is really up to you. You can choose to stick with your outdated and poor performing models, which can only drive up your energy bills month after month after month. Or, you can get new replacement windows and take advantage of all the benefits they can offer you.

Not only will they perform better than their older versions, shielding, protecting, and sealing your home for years and even decades, they can do all these without extra costs on your end. The only expense that you will incur as far as they are concerned is when you buy them from the window company and have them installed in your home. Make your choice now.

How Can Getting New Windows Help You Sell Your Home Faster?

If you are planning to unload your house, the best thing you can do to sell it is to make it look good to potential homebuyers. Spruce it up. Make it attractive so you make a good first impression. When it comes to home improvement ideas, you can never go wrong with the installation of new windows. They instantly give your house the impression that it’s being well taken care of. But aside from the nice aesthetics, which in real estate lingo is referred to as curb appeal, there are more to your new windows than what meets the eye.

Energy Savings
Everybody knows that heating and cooling the home can be very expensive. Aside from that, there’s the constant oil price increase to worry about. When buyers see your home, they will instantly recognize the financial benefit in your new windows as they will help them lower energy costs. When you have efficient windows installed in your home, they can actually serve as your strong point of negotiation to get a fair market price.

Modern replacement windows are not only designed and built to make your home look good and for you to lower your energy bills. They also provide some levels of security. Aside from featuring more durable glass, many also come with improved lock mechanisms that can offer protection against potential break-ins providing your home with a “family friendly” advantage.

Allow yourself to think like a buyer for just a minute. When you look for potential homes to buy, you’ll always be inclined to choose one that won’t call for any more renovations or changes. With new windows already installed, it will ease you of the burden of having to go through the window replacement project which can involve a lot of work, time, and budgeting. You’ll be more than glad to have all these things off your hands.

In late 2008, selling homes was nearly impossible. There were just too many houses up for sale, about 2.43 million according to the National Association of Realtors. In previous years, the situation was even much worse. In order to sell your home, you had to make it stand out from the rest. By installing new windows, you can easily set your property apart from other houses on sale in your area. If you are eager to unload your home, you have to make this important step.

Needless to say, getting new windows can create a win-win situation for both parties – the seller and the buyer. For your window replacement project, you can depend on the quality of our products and the expertise of our people. Give us a call today at 314-399-0856 so we can help you decide which replacement windows are right for your home.

Are Your Home Windows Giving You The Cold Shoulder Already?

If you are trying to decide whether or not updating your old windows is really necessary, you are not alone. Many homeowners are also trying to figure this out. In some cases, holding on to your current windows is the most practical and sensible thing to do. However, if they are showing signs of damage or deterioration that has a huge impact on their structure and overall performance, then it is definitely time for you to consider getting new windows. Here are some telling signs that should help you decide just when is the right time to get new replacement windows for your home.

First, if you are stuck with poor-performing windows, they definitely have to go. You can easily check this if you place your hand on the glass pane of your window on a cold day. If it feels cold like the temperature outside, it means that your windows are no longer performing at their best. Do the same thing on your window’s frame. If it also feels cold, your windows are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. A significant amount of energy is escaping out of your home and this could translate to high heating and cooling bills during winter and summer months respectively. Efficient windows are supposed to prevent energy loss and keep your indoor space at comfortable temperatures regardless of the time of the year.

While you’re at it, you might as well light a matchstick and move it around your windows. If the flame flickers or even blows out, this can only mean one thing, your windows are not preventing air from getting inside your home which can explain your exorbitant energy bills.

In some case, you can tell whether you need new windows or not just by the looks of your current home windows. If you notice moisture buildup on the glass panes, this indicates that the seal has been compromised and air infiltration is imminent.

Finally, with just one finger, try to open and close your windows. If this simple task is difficult to carry out, it is also another reason why you should update your existing windows. While this may seem insignificant, your windows should offer you the ease of operation. This can come in handy during emergency situations in which the only possible exit is through your windows as in the case of a fire.

Getting new windows can definitely involve a significant amount. However, with the benefits they can offer you, boosting your home’s appearance and overall performance, you will realize that it’s worth every penny you spent to have them installed in your home. Give Zen Windows a call today and let’s discuss the best replacement windows for your home.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Change Your Entry Door When You Replace Your Home’s Windows?

While a window or door replacement rarely tops a homeowner’s to-do list, there will come a time when it becomes necessary. After all, windows and doors don’t last forever. Sooner or later, you have to replace your existing units either individually or both at the same time.

Today, getting new windows makes a lot of sense. New replacement windows do more than just enhance the overall appearance of your home. Above anything else, they can boost its overall efficiency performance allowing homeowners to reduce their monthly cooling and heating bills by no less than 25%.

However, there are homeowners who are left dissatisfied with the energy and money saving capabilities of new windows. Many of them were disappointed that despite installing new windows, there’s still a significant amount of heat loss and the promise of lower energy bills is yet to be fulfilled.

If you are dealing with the same issue, the first thing to look into which can best explain the significant energy loss is the quality of your windows. Are your windows of solid vinyl construction? Are they welded together? Are the frame structures built with l-beam construction?

How about the glass? Are they designed with warm-edge technology, argon gas, or Low-E glass? In short, does the overall insulating glass package of your windows provide a good R-value rating?

Assuming that your windows have all the integral components that make them energy efficient; plus, they are mounted by professional installers, and yet little has changed, if at all, in your energy bills, the culprit may be your door. After all it is the largest opening in your home. You see, once your windows make it impossible for the warm or cool air in your home to escape outside, it rushes to the least insulated part of your home, which is your door. This is the reason why when you upgrade your windows, you also have to consider replacing your existing door for you to be able to have the full coverage on energy savings. Unfortunately, rarely are doors given as much importance as windows.

You have to remember that your home’s front door plays a role on the overall efficiency of your home. Always consider not just your windows but your door as well if you plan on increasing your home’s energy performance. Aside from the security it provides your home, a well-insulated door promotes better energy efficiency. Today, you can easily find high energy saving performance doors that can also offer your home both aesthetic value and improved security. For instance, it is a good idea to consider a steel gauge door with compression weather stripping and with a unique glasslite design. This type of door is generally economical without compromising their ability to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Before you engage in a door replacement project, however, it is important to consult with your window and door company first. This will enable you to plan the project carefully so you can expect the best results that you want for your home without the unnecessary expenses.

What Are The Benefits Of The “12 Months Same As Cash” Financing Program By Zen Windows?

With the “12 Months Same As Cash” financing program by Zen Windows, you can immediately get started on saving money with your purchase of new replacement windows and doors this year. This program is available for all of our customers and will allow you to enjoy new and energy efficient windows without the need to interrupt your current cash flow.

Some of the best benefits of joining this program include a warmer, more comfortable, less drafty house, huge energy savings, and better home security. After you get your Zen replacement windows installed, you will immediately see drastic changes on your heating and cooling bills. The money that you save from these expenses can be used to pay for the windows themselves when those payments become due.

In addition, you can enjoy the amazing tax credits available this year for both replacement windows and doors. All the products that Zen Windows St. Louis offers are compliant with all government standards.

Give us a call today at 314-399-0856 and get this replacement window financing program working for you and your home.

Can I Get Replacement Windows And Doors Installed During Winter In St. Louis, Missouri?

Oh yes, by all means. In fact, when it comes to replacement windows and doors, regardless of the season, an installation is possible with just a few slight variations in techniques.

A common misconception among homeowners is that installing windows and doors during winter is a bad thing since too much cold air will get in the house or that the cold condition outdoors can lead to poor installation. This is where the variation in techniques comes in handy.

With Zen Windows, our installers will make sure that necessary precautions are properly observed. For instance, in case of multiple window installation, only one window at a time should be installed to prevent heat loss. In addition, they always make sure that the units are all prepped up before the actual installation not only to help expedite the whole process, but also to reduce the amount of time your windows or doors are out of your house before the new replacement units are installed. Ideally, the time out of your window should be no more than five minutes.To prevent further draft, as an extra precaution, all of the doors in the house should be closed.

When you think about it, replacing your doors and windows in the winter can be beneficial. You will be able to save cost since most suppliers, given that sales can be slow during this time of the year, lower the price on their products through promotions to encourage sales. Moreover, there is a quick and short turn-around time because again, sales are slow during this season as compared to spring or summer. Chances are that you might not be able to get in because everyone else is doing the same exact thing. When you have your window or door installation done in the winter, everything will be faster, from the time you obtain the quote to the end of the project.

The great thing about us is that even if it takes more work to complete the installation of your windows and doors during winter, we will not charge you any extra. In addition, our installation will not cause any more disruption and inconvenience in your home than what is only necessary as our way of respecting your home and family. Our team will work as quietly as possible. In fact, you can watch TV in your room while our men are doing the installation without getting disturbed at all. As a rule, we only allow one installer inside the house while another one works outside. This will minimize, if not prevent any dirt, mud or snow prints from getting inside your home during the installation process.

There is no reason for you to go through another cold and expensive winter season. With Zen Windows, we will make sure that you will have a comfortable time indoors without having to worry about exorbitant energy bills. With our beautiful and energy efficient windows that we are going to install, you can even look forward to an enjoyable winter time indoors. Give us a call today for a free and quick quote on the windows and doors that you’ll need for your home with no strings attached.

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