Tired of the old outdated way of replacing windows? We make getting new Wildwood Replacement Windows hassle free for homeowners by doing things in a different way.

Long gone are the in-home sales presentations, and pressure filled lengthy conversations. Here to stay is the Zen Way – a process made to quote for you in 5 minutes.

Long gone is the low-balling and upselling of windows. Here to stay is the Zen Way – quotes that are firm, clear, and accurate.

Long gone are the overhead costs of elaborate showrooms that are passed on to the buyer. Here to stay is the Zen Way – demonstrations all online with beautiful comprehensive videos rather than expensive showrooms.

Our Wildwood Window Replacement Process

Say goodbye to hassles, pressure, and stress.

Every step of our window replacement process in Wildwood is clean, simple, and easy. We have created this process with homeowner’s in mind.

The ‘Zen Windows Way’ takes out all the hassle and stress that usually comes along when working with window contractors in Wildwood and instead provides homeowners with high-quality beautiful windows for their home.

Below is a break down of our innovative Zen Way:

Step 1: Five-Minute Quotes
For a quote, call us. We will ask you some questions in order to give you the best information, as well as give you some quick information about our company. We then use our technology to see pictures of your home and you are quickly off the phone with no sales pitch involved!

Step 2: Emailed Quote Within 1 Business Day
We will email you your final quote within one business day. There will be no surprises or changes when it comes to this quote and hidden fees are off the table. After taking as much time as you would like, you can get back to us and let us know if you would like to move forward. In contrast to other window replacement contractors in Wildwood, we won’t pressure you or tell you that the quoted price is only good for a certain amount of time.

Step 3: A Small Handful Of Additional Emails About Our Products & Service
As you are making your decision, we will send a few more emails to keep you informed on your choice. These will include demonstration videos, quality information, and homeowner client reviews about the Zen Windows experience.

These emails will only provide you with more facts, not overwhelm you with any gimmicky sales messages.

Step 4: Installation Communication
After you decide to move forward with us in Wildwood, we make sure to communicate at the highest possible level. We will make it easy to schedule an installation date and time, and send you over a confirmation email afterwards that details the preparations that you will need to make and what to expect on install day.

If you have any more questions or concerns that aren’t answered in the email, we will provide you with your installation managers contact information. You can call them if there is any confusion about installation day.

Step 5: Installation Day
On installation day, we won’t be strangers. It amazes us that window installation companies in Wildwood will just show up to some peoples houses and not even introduce themselves. With us, the installation manager will introduce himself and make sure that you are at ease from any questions and concerns before beginning the installation.

Don’t worry about any possible language barriers, all of our key positions such as installation managers are great communicators and you won’t run into this problem.

Step 6: Provide Us Feedback
Feedback is important to us! We will make sure that throughout the process you will have access to direct contact with your installation manager and even the owners, Brian and Sara Zimmerman. You are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback during the process and after it has finished. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, if anything wasn’t right we will fix that for you.

Step 7: We Don’t Ask For Any Payment Until The Job Is Done
As a window and door contractor in Wildwood, we will never present you with an invoice until the whole project is finished. You will not be subject to pre-payment or deposits, we make sure to get the job done right before you even lay down a cent!

Our warranty, which you can learn more about on our warranty page, will guarantee that your payment is the last one you will make when it comes to replacing your windows. You will have peace-of-mind protection through our super-strong lifetime warranty. It even covers glass breakage.

We here at Zen Windows want to be accountable and create a stress-free process for your window replacement. Contact us to get started today if you like what you think that we might be what you need.

Get Top Quality Windows For Less in Wildwood

You don’t have to pay monthly for your windows forever!

You can save money in Wildwood by investing in Energy Efficient Replacement Windows!

The Economics Of Energy Efficient Windows

If you have windows that are more than ten years old, they are prone to waste energy. Most people have money leaking straight out of their windows every month, and don’t even know it.

Some might not realize that wasted energy = higher energy bills.

Here are some facts for you to go over:

Energy efficient products in your home are growing more and more important as energy costs rise.

Energy costs do fluctuate. However, overall energy costs are trending upward and are expected to keep doing so.

Even now, heating and cooling needs can continue to change significantly along with climate changes.

A great window isn’t just a window – it keeps warm air out during the summer and keeps it in during the winter. This keeps your home warmer or cooler depending on the seasons by lessening heat transfer.

Investing in new technology and products such as energy efficient windows is the best answer to a homeowners needs. Protecting yourself against high-energy prices in Wildwood is extremely important.

All Our Replacement Windows Are Energy Efficient

We give you ‘peace-of-mind’ here at Zen, with replacement windows that are energy efficient. We don’t like to sell our customers products that will end up costing them more in the long run, inferior windows are not our game.

In Wildwood, our basic installation is a double-insulating Solar LowE glass system window at a great price. These sophisticated windows boast double-strength glass, stainless steel Intercept™ spacer system, a high-performance Low-E coating, and argon gas. These windows are exceptional, and they can only be upgraded from there.

If you would like to move up from there, we have a few different Low-E spacer options, coatings, and triple glass configuration. All of these options are also affordable and can be customized for your specific needs.

Glass, coatings, weather stripping and foam insulation play a part in energy efficiency, as well as many other factors. All of our windows come standard with the most important aspects of energy efficiency including strategically-played superior wool-pile weather-stripping and foam insulation on some (also an option on others).

In summary: Energy efficiency is of utmost importance to us, and no matter which windows you choose you will be receiving a cost effective installation. Find the best window option for you in Wildwood.


Our Famous 5 Minute Window Quote Process

We are famous for our extremely fast 5-10 minute window quote process. Answer some easy questions and wait for the quote in your email within one business day or less!

You won’t pay a cent more than our original quote, we provide firm quotes in writing and you will never find any hidden fees!

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