When the time comes to order replacement windows, you will have some important decisions to make. As you consider a number of different window companies, ask each of them some questions to get a better feel for how they do business. The following queries give you a better chance of finding a reputable company to handle your window replacement from start to finish.

1. How Long Does It Take To Receive A Quote?

You have every right to know how long this process will take. In a situation where your old windows aren’t getting the job done, you will probably want your new windows installed as quickly as possible. Therefore, having an accurate quote in your hands right away is essential. Some window companies can provide you with a quote in as little as five minutes, while others insist on sending a salesperson to your house before providing you with an initial quote.

2. What Does The Warranty Look Like?

Next, ask about any warranties that the window company has to offer. Many window companies offer some sort of lifetime warranty, but this warranty might not cover everything.

Is the warranty through the window company or is it also backed by the manufacturer? If the windows come with a lifetime warranty, make sure that this means the lifetime of the house. In some cases, it might only refer to the time that you spend living in the house, voiding the warranty when you sell it.

Does the warranty cover all of your expenses? In some cases, it might only cover a portion of the damage, leaving you to foot the bill for the rest.

Are screens included in the warranty? These can be expensive to replace if they aren’t covered.

Find out if the window company employs a full time technician to handle your warranty issues. In emergency situations, it is nice to know that someone is standing by to help you with your problem.

3. When Do I Pay?

Does the window replacement company require a down payment? Having to come up with some money upfront puts you at risk. The installers could do a terrible job or fail to clean up after themselves, leaving you to deal with the mess.

More reputable window companies will only charge you once the job has been completed. This eliminates much of the risk and ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your investment.

4. Who Will Install The Windows?

Anyone who installs windows in your home should have passed the AAMI certification program. Don’t be afraid to ask your window company about the training that its installers have gone through. Proper training ensures that your windows are installed the right way.

During any installation, adjustments will be made on the fly. Only certified installers know how to make these adjustments to your home to give your windows the best possible fit.