What You Need To Know About Window Replacement in St. Louis

Building permit with window drawings

If you’re planning to install new windows or replace existing ones, it’s helpful to understand what may be required of you to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations. One such requirement may be the need for a permit, depending on the type of project you plan to complete and the type of home you live in.

In this blog post, we discuss whether a permit is necessary for replacing windows in St. Louis, giving homeowners the insights they need to make the most informed decision for their project.

Window Replacement Requirements for Your Home

Window installations or replacements that don’t modify the window opening typically don’t require a permit to complete. However, there are some circumstances where a building permit may be required to ensure compliance. Here are the situations that typically call for a building permit for window installation or replacement:

Complex Installations & Replacements

If you plan to expand the opening of your window, this may require your installer to cut into the studs on either side of the opening, which can degrade the structural integrity of your walls. Even if you’re planning to reduce the size of your window opening, a building permit may still be necessary, as it will ensure compliance with local egress and fire codes.

Modifications to Historic Properties

St. Louis is home to 18 local historic districts, eight of which are Certified Local Historic Districts, including:

  • Central West End
  • Compton Hill
  • Fox Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Shaw Neighborhood
  • Shinker-DeBaliviere-Catlin Tract-Parkview
  • Soulard Neighborhood
  • Visitation Park

Homes in these historic districts may require a building permit for any window installations or replacements, even if the local building code doesn’t require them. This helps preserve the nature of these structures and the rich aesthetic appeal of these historic areas.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Installer

When planning your window installation or replacement, it’s highly recommended that you entrust your project to a professional installer. A window installation expert can handle the permit process on your behalf, ensuring you remain in compliance with all local building codes and regulations, including for homes in historic districts.

This results in a smoother, stress-free process so you can enjoy improved lighting, energy efficiency, and security in your home without worrying about fines for non-compliant work.

Schedule Window Replacement in St. Louis With Zen Windows

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