Ordering replacement windows is a major step for a homeowners, as it gives the home an updated look, improves energy efficiency, and increases property value. Unfortunately, a number of myths are present within the industry, making it possible for contractors to offer substandard services. Don’t fall for these myths the next time you need a window replacement and instead go with a contractor that offers the best possible service for your money.

All Windows Are The Same

A window is a window, right? Not exactly, as quality is determined by the manufacturer. If the materials used and the process followed aren’t top-notch, the quality of the windows will suffer. Research the manufacturer that your chosen window installer uses and look for known issues. There’s plenty of information available online about most window manufacturers, which should make your decision easier. You should also look at product guarantees, as manufacturers that have full confidence in their windows usually offer a transferable lifetime warranty.

Anyone Can Install Them

Before going ahead with your window replacement, think about who is doing the installation. Some homeowners either attempt to install their replacement windows themselves or hire a local handyman. This is a serious mistake, however, as it could void the warranty and lead to improperly installed windows. Calling a certified installer is the only way to go in this situation, as it ensures that your windows are installed optimally. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on new windows, only to have something go wrong during the installation.

You Must Put Money Down

In some cases, a contractor will ask for money down before installing your windows. The contractor might even tell you that this is the industry standard and that anyone who installs your windows will ask the same. This is not true, however, as reputable window replacement professionals will never ask you for a down payment. You shouldn’t have to pay for your windows until they are installed and you are 100% satisfied with the job.

A Salesperson Must Visit Your Home

We all know that salespeople are annoying. All they want to do is make commission, which always comes at your expense. When renovating your home, most contractors send a salesperson to your home to show you various samples and attempt to up-sell you in the process. No one wants to deal with salespeople, so you shouldn’t have to when you order replacement windows. Reputable window installers should be more worried about getting you the windows that you want, rather than convincing you to buy items that you don’t need.

It Takes Forever To Receive a Quote

If you have ever ordered windows before, you know the drill. First, you contact the installation company and let them know that you need windows. Then, they send someone to your house to take measurements. Finally, weeks later, you receive a quote in the mail. Customers have been conditioned into believing that this is the only way to do things, but it is largely a myth. It is possible to receive an accurate quote in as little as five minutes, as long as you know where to go. Homeowners who want an immediate quote definitely have options in today’s marketplace.