Purchasing new windows is a major investment. Depending on the number of windows you have in your home, it could end up costing thousands of dollars to do a window replacement project. Keep in mind, however, that this money acts as an investment on the house, as it immediately increases its value if you choose to sell it. In addition, you can count on saving money on your heating and cooling bills every month, since your new windows will do a much better job of insulating your home than your current ones.

Reduce Energy Costs

Once your new windows have been installed, you will save money on energy costs every year. Of course, the amount that you save will depend on the type of window that you are going to put in and where in the country you live. In most places in the U.S., it is estimated that you can save between $90 and $266 annually by switching to more energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient window frames are frequently made from vinyl. This material limits heat transfer, meaning that it keeps heat outside during summer and inside during winter. The frames also interlock and come with insulated glass, which helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Make sure that your windows are installed by a certified installer with the experience and training to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Without the proper installation, you won’t save as much as you would expect.

Avoid Maintenance

Having new windows installed can help save you money on maintenance. Every time you have to paint, stain, or sand your window frames, you’re going to have to spend money. Likewise, if your window ends with a scratch, this will cost you some money as well.

Vinyl windows, in particular, are very easy to maintain because they are well built and very durable. These window frames never have to be painted or stained, saving you time and money. They are also mostly scratch resistant, making it unlikely that you will have to bring someone in for repairs.

Choosing The Right Window Company

As you research the various replacement windows on the market, you will have some decisions to make. Start by selecting a window company. Have a look at the manufacturers that are used by each particular company for a better idea of the products that will be installed in your home. The window company should provide a warranty to protect your purchase as well. Anything short of a transferable lifetime warranty should be avoided.

During your research, you will learn a great deal about how each window company does business. Find out if they use certified installers on all of their jobs because this affects the quality of your installation. After all, if you are interested in having an untrained contractor install your windows, you might as well do it yourself.

You might also ask if the company sends salespeople to your home or requires a down payment. Reputable window companies often avoid using salespeople to cut down on your expenses. In addition, they often won’t charge you a dime until you are 100% satisfied with their work. The goal is to save money, while still receiving high-quality workmanship, so do your research before you begin.