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3 Signs You’ll Benefit from Upgrading Your Old Windows

If your St. Louis home is more than a few decades old, there is a good chance that its windows are less than ideal in terms of safety, security, and efficiency. Replacement windows can be a great way to improve the performance of your home while giving it an all-new look. There are three basic factors to consider when deciding if it is time to update your home’s windows.

Are Your Windows Safe and Secure?

Older windows often have problems opening, closing, and locking properly. Can you easily open your windows all the way? Do they stay in position, or do they drop down unexpectedly, possibly leading to injuries? Do they close all the way and lock securely? Are they easy to open from the outside, leading to security issues?

If you can’t count on your windows to open smoothly, stay in position, and close and lock securely, it is time to replace them.

Are Your Windows Drafty and Inefficient?

Windows are one of the primary sources of heat loss in a home during the winter. Improperly sealed windows can be drafty and allow heated air to escape. Even if older windows are properly sealed, they simply do not offer much insulation value. Do you feel drafts near your windows on windy days? Do you see condensation or frost on the interior during cold weather? Is the glass loose in the frame?

If your windows are drafty and inefficient, an upgrade to modern, energy-efficient windows could make your home significantly more comfortable while reducing your utility costs.

Do Your Windows Look Old and Run-Down?

Your windows can have a huge impact on the look and value of your home. Do you have glass that is cracked or missing? Are the frames cracked, warped, or rotten? Is the finish peeling and faded? Do the windows match the style of your home?

If your windows are not in good condition, they can make your home look neglected and run-down. Upgrading to new replacement windows can restore the beauty and style of your St. Louis home while increasing its value.

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat loss and heat gain through old, drafty windows can account for up to 30% of your heating and cooling costs. Updating to modern, energy-efficient windows can not only reduce your energy costs by 12% or more, but they will also improve the looks and value of your home. Plus, they offer one of the better returns on your investment for a home remodeling project, earning back as much as 68% of the purchase price.

Replacement Window Installations in St. Louis, MO

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