Closeup of window with leak coming through the seal

The windows in your home should do more than let in sunlight. They should also prevent wind and rain from getting in. Even a small leak from your windows can create a large problem.

Leaky windows can be a nuisance, particularly when they lead to water damage in your home. Whether the leaks are coming from the bottom or top corners of your windows, addressing them promptly is important to prevent mold growth and damage to walls and insulation. Plus, it will help keep your home more comfortable.

Here’s how to fix leaky windows in your home.

Temporary Window Leak Repairs

Sometimes, wet weather pops up before we have time to repair leaky windows. During an unexpected rainstorm, a temporary but effective measure is to cover the affected window with a tarp. By setting it up to cover the window from the outside, you can redirect the water and temporarily stop the leakage.

Recaulk Your Windows

A common culprit for window leaks is poorly installed or deteriorated caulking. Because caulking is on both the inside and outside of your windows, you need to inspect your windows’ exterior and interior. If you find any old or damaged caulk, remove it thoroughly and clean the area to ensure no residue.

This is important because it will help the new caulk stick to the surface and make a complete seal. Once cleaned, apply a new layer of caulk designed for window use. This will help strengthen the window’s defenses against water coming in.

Replace Your Window Seals

While windows are designed to last for decades, other parts of the window may not last as long. Over time, window seals or weatherstripping can degrade, leading to leaks and drafts. If you notice a draft, even during dry weather, the seal is likely compromised. Replacing the weatherstripping may involve removing the window, so be ready to dedicate some time to this task. This can significantly improve the window’s ability to keep water out.

Repair or Replace the Flashing

If your window leaks from the top, the problem may lie with the flashing. Water could get between the flashing and your window, then drip into your home. Adding more flashing tape can resolve this, although it might require removing some siding. This is a more advanced repair and might be best handled by professionals if you’re not comfortable working with the exterior of your home.

Invest in a Full Window Replacement

Consider a full replacement for windows over 15 years old. New windows address leaks and improve energy efficiency and the overall aesthetics of your home. Replacing your windows includes the installation of new caulk, flashing, and seals, ensuring a watertight seal.

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Ensure your home stays dry and comfortable in any weather. Investing in your windows is investing in your home’s comfort and security. Get started with no money down. 

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