Chances are that you’ve heard of lead by now. Although a very common material used in a variety of industries and in a number of products, it is no way safe. The truth is that it is very dangerous. Unfortunately, your home may be filled with various lead-contained items ranging from car batteries, toys and even your window frames. If your home is built before 1978 (and almost all homes built before 1950), its walls, furniture and windows may even be painted with lead-based paint.

The problem is that overtime, the paint tends to crack, chip, and peel away making it attractive for curious kids. It doesn’t help that lead has this distinctly sweet taste that will only encourage the little ones to chew on the paint which can be extremely dangerous. Lead impairs brain and nerve development, causing physical, mental, and behavioral problems. For your peace of mind, it is a good idea to have your home paint tested for lead especially if you have kids around.

If your home indeed has lead-based paint in it, you have to take special precautions when you have plans to take on some remodeling projects. For instance, sanding the paint off the walls won’t be simple as the dust released into the air can be harmful for both pets and people. Don’t let this prevent you from sprucing up your home, though.

If you are looking to replace your existing windows, for example, we at Zen Windows St. Louis can help you out in case there’s a need to disturb the lead-based paint on or around your old window frames. Although we are not certified for lead remediation per se, we can do a lead-certified install to ensure that the installation of your new windows is completed in the safest way possible!