back of a house with new vinyl windowsWith Two Good Choices, Which Is Best for Your St. Louis, MO Home?

St. Louis homeowners are common-sense people, but when you’re faced with a choice between two good options, sometimes you need a little help. Let Zen Windows help you choose your new or replacement window if you’re considering two popular window styles: double-hung and slider windows.

If you’re planning a renovation project that includes replacement windows in St. Louis, MO, you’ve got a lot to think about. Let’s assume you want quality materials, double- or triple-pane insulated glass, and professional installation that will lower your monthly energy bills almost immediately.

How do you choose between double-hung and slider windows? Here are some comparisons that will help you decide:

The Differences Between Double-Hung and Slider Windows

Double-hung windows are a traditional choice. That doesn’t mean they don’t complement contemporary architecture — they do!

Double-hung windows slide vertically, up and down. We’ve all experienced single-hung windows: The upper window is fixed, and the bottom slides up and down. With double-hung windows, both the upper and lower window sashes slide vertically to open and close.

You’ll have more window and less frame with slider windows. One pane moves while the other stays in place. Sliding windows open horizontally from the sides. These are good options for hard-to-access areas, such as above the kitchen sink.

Advantages of Slider Windows in St. Louis

sliding window with latchIf you want a room with a view, slider windows might be for you. They maximize living space in the smallest rooms. And if you love natural sunlight and bringing the outdoors inside, sliding windows are the way to go.

Other ways in which slider windows excel:

  • Double-hung windows (especially fiberglass) are low-maintenance, but they typically cost more than slider windows.
  • In addition to more natural light, you’ll have the advantage of better IAQ (indoor air quality). Slider windows open wide to let in the fresh air.
  • Slider windows are considered more energy-efficient than double-hung windows, but Zen Windows are always energy-efficient, no matter what style you choose.
  • Slider windows are one of the most appealing and timeless window styles. They never “date” a property.
  • Slider windows can be customized to fit and enhance the style of any home. The number of sizes, styles, and options for slider windows means you’re more likely to find exactly what you want with Zen Windows St. Louis.
  • Sliding windows won’t get stuck on furniture or tangled in drapes like casement windows.
  • To operate slider windows, unlatch the lock and easily slide your windows open. Slider windows are easy to clean and maintain because they have few mechanical parts, a linear design, and easy-glide rollers.
  • Zen Windows St. Louis slider windows have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Zen Windows slider windows seal tightly.

What’s your style? You’ll see slider windows with:

  • Art Deco
  • California Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Colonial
  • Mid-Century modern

… and many other home architectural designs.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows in St. Louis

room with large double hung windows

  • Double-hung windows are safer with small children; you can lock the lower window in place and open the upper window.
  • Double-hung windows work better in combination with other windows, such as bay and bow windows.
  • If you plan to sell your home soon, double-hung windows may appeal to more St. Louis buyers because they are familiar.
  • New slider windows may cost more upfront than double-hung windows because they take up a larger space.
  • Slider windows sometimes have shaky frames, so you may hear them “rattle,” especially if you live on a busy road.
  • Window air conditioners are difficult to install in slider windows but can be used with double-hung windows.
  • Zen Windows double-hung windows seal very effectively.

Your Zen Windows Project: Ready When You Are

Every Zen Windows St. Louis product is the best choice. If you are considering selling your home, keep in mind that replacement windows can deliver as much as a 77.5% return on investment. Your double-hung or slider windows investment also qualifies for ENERGY STAR® federal tax credits.

Zen Windows offers no-hassle quotes and requires no money upfront. In fact, we don’t require any payments at all until your project is complete. We offer a Zen-like experience for St. Louis County homeowners, making us the top choice for replacement windows and doors.

Call 314-399-0856 or request your free quote. Your Zen Windows St. Louis team believes the best time for a replacement windows project is when you’re ready.