Have you noticed your window and window sill soaked on the inside even if it’s not raining? This could be a sign of a serious condensation problem. And unfortunately, it is something that you shouldn’t ignore. You see, a lot of moisture-induced damages on your window sills and their surrounding areas are due to condensation build-up. But what causes this problem to begin with?

First of all, windows, just like us, sweat. They actually sweat during the winter months when the temperature difference between each side of the glass causes condensation. This problem is even aggravated when you have single-pane aluminum windows at home. The water tends to drip down the glass and pools on the sill. Over time, this can cause the sill to warp and deteriorate affecting the overall appearance and performance of your windows.

And mind you, this is only the least of your worries. When the water manages to seep from the window frame directly into the wall, this can damage the wooden support beams along the way and create visible cracks from which termites are allowed to enter and feast on your home, your major real estate investment. This situation will also encourage the growth of potentially dangerous (or even deadly) mold. Thus, the sooner you address this problem, the better.

Fortunately, there are ways to nip the problem in the bud before it can develop later on into something that will be too much for you to handle. One sensible solution is by replacing your flawed windows. We at Zen Windows St. Louis can provide you with double-pane units that are in many ways superior to your single-panes. If you have a water-damaged sill, we will do the necessary adjustments while installing your new windows.

Admittedly, this project can require a significant amount. if you are worried about the cost, just remember that by taking action now, you are actually saving yourself from spending thousands of dollars in the future for water-related home repairs and mold remediation. Act now and get in touch with us for a free and quick window quote!