How To Recognize A Good Vinyl Double Hung Window


Sash meeting rails showing structural interlock and K-Beam™ reinforcement.






Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.


Welded corners prevent air from leaking through the corners.


Insulated glass unit showing three panes of glass and two Super Spacers.


Basically, a quality vinyl double hung window should be energy-efficient, durable, and allows very minimal drafts. To ensure these qualities, you have to take note of these six key components when you decide to shop for your vinyl double hung windows.

  1. Interlocks: A well-designed window has its sashes interlocking with each other and the window frame. This applies also to your double hung windows. This kind of design and construction serves as a barrier preventing air from getting in and out of your house.
  2. Reinforced meeting rails: This reinforcement guarantees strength and durability in your widows. Plus, it keeps the windows straight so they interlock nicely. As much as possible, look for non-metal reinforcement in your windows for better energy efficiency and durability.
  3. Foam filled frame and sashes: When your windows have foam insulation, expect them to be more energy efficient than others. This is exactly what gives vinyl double hung windows the added advantage over wood and metal windows. They have multi-chambered construction to which the foam fill, the most effective insulation, can be injected increasing the insulating performance of the windows making them more power efficient. Another insulation option for your vinyl windows is the stick foam that is inserted into the chambers.
  4. Weather stripping: To determine how much air is allowed to escape out of your windows, you simply have to look at the type and amount of weather stripping used in the units. Ideally, the best weather stripping will enable the windows to keep their shape through the years. When your double hung window uses multiple strips around the sashes, you know you have found a quality window that will significantly reduce the amount of air leakage in your home.
  5. Welded corners: Drafty windows allow air to leak through the corner joints of their sashes and frames particularly when they are mechanically attached. To prevent this scenario from occurring, Zen Windows has the corner joints of its vinyl double hung windows welded not only to prevent air infiltration, but also to give the windows a clean and professional finished look.
  6. Insulated glass: The glass technology used in your windows can determine how well they will perform in terms of energy efficiency. But you have to consider a number of variables such as the number of glass panes, the type of Low-e glass coating and gas fill among others. To enable you to make the right choice, Zen Windows has 23 different variations of insulated glass for you to choose from to ensure that your double hung windows offer the maximum energy performance that you require.

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