What Are Single Hung Windows?

Only the bottom sash operates
on a single hung window.



Single hung windows are affordable
and can still dress up a home.


The bottom sash tilts
in for easy cleaning.


Single hung windows are basically like their double hung counterparts with two sashes, one above the other. The only difference is that with a single hung window, only the bottom sash can be lifted up and down for ventilation purposes while the top sash stays in place. While single hung windows are the lesser known between the two types, a lot of homeowners choose them to replace their existing windows and even for new construction.

The most significant edge of single hung over double hung windows is their cost. They are more affordable given that their top sashes don’t require an operating mechanism thereby keeping the cost down.

Designed With Quality And Affordable Cost In Mind

If you are looking for a single hung window, Zen Windows offers The Limited. It boasts of quality construction and several practical options at a very budget-friendly cost. Its features include the following:

  • Transferable warranty: Our single hung windows are backed by a solid Lifetime Transferable Warranty for replacement purposes and 10 Year Transferable for new construction windows.
  • Tilt-in bottom sash: The bottom sashes of all our single hung windows have a tilt-in ability offering ease of cleaning.
  • Double Weather Stripping: With the double weather stripping installed around the sash, the single hung windows have maximum protection against outdoor weather conditions ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Meeting rail interlock: Our single hung windows are designed with a solid and strong interlock connection where the two sashes meet in the middle. This is in order to allow very minimal air leakage keeping your indoors at comfortable temperatures regardless of the season.
  • Energy efficiency: Our single hung windows adhere to and passed the Energy Star and NFRC industry standards for energy efficiency. For maximum energy performance, we also offer additional energy efficient glass package upgrades.
  • Multi-chambered frames: The multiple heavy gauge vinyl walls on our single hung windows provide strength and superior thermal performance.
  • Innovative sill design: The design on our single hung windows allows for the formation of a strong bond between the sill and jamb offering excellent weather protection.
  • Balance system: Our Certa-force™ Balance system utilizes a coil that offers smooth and easy operation without the need for lubrication or adjustment. This makes your single hung windows maintenance-free saving you time, money, and energy.

Like all our other windows, our single hung windows can be customized to meet your needs and preferences.

To help you determine which type of window is most suitable for your home, you can call or email us now.