Vinyl Windows & Air Infiltrationair-infiltration-vinyl-windows

Regardless of which material your windows are made of, whether vinyl, wood, or metal, it is practically impossible to totally block air from getting in or out of your home. However, certain windows allow very minimal air leakage compared to others. Zen’s high quality vinyl windows are designed and constructed to perform better in preventing significant energy loss, thus keeping your home comfortable all year-round.

Why Do Some Windows Allow More Air Leakage Than Others?

This has a lot to do with how a window is designed. Without the essential components like built-in airlocks, weather stripping, and barriers that are needed to keep air leakage to a minimum, air is able to rush in through the gaps between the sash and other parts of the window. This will not only lead to uncomfortable indoors especially during tough weather conditions, but will also translate to exorbitant monthly energy bills.

Zen Windows is aware of how leaky windows can have a huge impact on the comfort of your indoors and on your monthly energy bills. With these things in mind, we come up with vinyl windows that come with weather barriers even exceeding industry standards. They are far more effective in blocking air infiltration than any other similar windows offered by many big names in the industry.

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