White special shape replacement windows in St. Louis, MO by Zen WindowsMany homeowners today incorporate special shape windows to their homes not just to enhance their aesthetic appeal but their overall value as well. At Zen Windows St. Louis, we offer a wide array of special shaped windows both for replacement applications and for standard new construction settings.

We understand that no homes should look alike. With special shape windows, you can add a variety of architectural styles to your homes to express yourself and to give your home that unique touch that’s entirely your own. We have several design shapes including include half circles, arches, ovals, circles, trapezoids, triangles, and practically all shapes that you can possibly imagine. The design possibilities are infinite. Apart from the many shapes that we have, our special shape windows also come in a wide selection of styles, finishing options, colors and materials.

By having special shape windows installed, you can easily achieve the distinct look you want for your home, instantly setting it apart from the rest. Whether you choose to use your windows individually or have them artistically arranged in a group, the outcome will always be one that is both unique and beautiful.