Zen Windows is the leading choice for replacement windows and window services in Ballwin, MO for many reasons. Our customers are amazed when they see our modern, customer-centric approach. If you need new windows in Ballwin, consider the Zen Windows Way.

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Types & Styles of Replacement Windows for Ballwin Homes

At Zen Windows St. Louis, we provide the full range of window types and styles to meet any needs and budget! We also specialize in installation, repair, and replacement of all of the windows we sell. Whether you’re looking to put new windows in your kitchen, bathroom, living, or anywhere in your Ballwin home, there are many different options, including:

  • Awning windows, which are hinged at the top and open outwards, so they look similar to an awning
  • Bay windows, which protrude out from a wall and include at least panels
  • Bow windows, which are similar to bay windows but usually have more panels
  • Casement windows, which have side hinges, operate via a crank or lever, and swing open outwards
  • Hopper windows, which are hinged at the bottom and open inwards, similar to an oven door
  • Picture windows, which are stationary, larger windows that offer expansive views of the outdoors
  • Round top windows, which feature a half-circle window above a picture window
  • Single- and double-hung windows, which either have one or two operating sashes
  • Sliding windows, which operate along a track and open via a horizontal sliding motion
  • Special shape windows, which come in nearly any custom shape and can add a contemporary look
  • And more!

All of our windows come with various options, from low-E coatings and tinting to different color frames and more. The bottom line is that when you want to be sure you’re getting the best value and superior service for the windows in your Ballwin home, just contact Zen Windows St. Louis!

How Our Ballwin Window Replacement Process Sets Us Apart

Homeowners who use Zen Windows marvel at the way we make window replacement in Ballwin so easy. Our straightforward process is no accident. Every single step has been designed to make it as convenient, stress-free, and zen-like as possible for our customers to get top-quality, gorgeous windows!

Here’s how our innovative process works.

Step 1: Contact us for a quick, easy call.

You call us. We’ll ask you a few simple questions and share some information about who we are, minus the high-pressure sales pitch. We’ll download pictures of your home, answer your questions, and give you expert advice. Best of, you’ll be off the phone within 5 to 10 minutes!

Step 2: We’ll email you an accurate quote within one business day.

Within a single business day, we’ll email you an exact quote that you can count on. You never have to worry about surprises or hidden fees. Best of all, you can take as long as you need to decide. We’ll never use pressure tactics or gimmicks, like “this price is good for one day only.”

Step 3: We’ll explain more about our products & service.

After you receive your quote, we’ll email you some additional information, like product details and demonstration videos. We won’t spam your inbox. We’ll just send you some details so you can learn more about the quality of our windows and the different options you have. This will allow you to make an informed decision.

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Custom Sliding Glass Patio Doors in St. Louis

Along with offering the complete range of top-quality window options, Zen Windows has custom sliding glass doors that can brighten any room in your home while providing ease of access. With our options, you can choose between:

  • Traditional or contemporary frames in an array of colors
  • Decorative glass, including different grid patterns and etchings
  • Glass coating options

Our sliding glass doors are designed and manufactured to be stylish while promoting optimal efficiency and durability. They’re made of the finest materials, including solid steel, zinc-plated rollers that guarantee consistently smooth gliding motion. The iridium coating on the exposed metal fights corrosion caused by condensation.

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Changing the Way People Buy Windows & Sliding Doors in Ballwin, MO

With Zen Windows St. Louis, you get premium products, top-quality replacement services, and industry-leading warranties! Plus, we’ll never ask for money down, and we’ll never add on hidden fees.

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