New window with a view of snow outside

Here in St. Louis, winters are often mild, with an average temperature between 40º and 45ºF and a few days that hit below freezing.

Given the seasonal conditions compared to other regions of the country, local families can get away with scheduling their window replacements during the winter without sending a chill down their spine. Still, it’s important to prepare accordingly if you do plan on replacing your windows during the colder months.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what factors St. Louis homeowners should consider when planning a winter window replacement, and the benefits of scheduling a window installation during winter.

Winter Weather Can Help Identify Window Issues

With the winter weather comes cold air and icy conditions that are best kept outside. But when cold air gets into your living space, it can be a clear sign that your windows need replacement.

As windows age or experience wear and tear, their seals become less effective at keeping cold air out of the home. This can increase draftiness as cold air infiltrates gaps and cracks around the window frames or sashes.

Winter can expose the faults in your windows in an instant as discomfort, rising heating costs, and decreased energy efficiency become apparent.

To identify which windows are the culprits, simply feel around the room for drafts or use a candle or stick of incense to detect fluctuations in airflow near your window frames. If you notice the flame or smoke moving near your windows, you know there’s a draft coming in, and the windows need to be replaced.

Considerations for Winter Window Installation

As you plan for your window replacement project, it’s important to make sure safety is your top priority. While winters might be warmer in St. Louis, they can still present dangerous, slippery conditions as ice and snow accumulate.

This poses an increased risk on the ground level, and installation professionals working on elevated areas like roofs or upper-story windows may also encounter dangerous conditions. Clear the area around the windows and ensure safe access to the installation site to prevent accidents.

While winter weather might pose an increased risk, homeowners can rest assured that the myth surrounding window expansion during the colder months is untrue. Glass and window frames may contract and expand with temperature fluctuations, but the change is negligible and does not factor into the safety of window installation.

A properly installed window should account for such temperature changes, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: ensuring a tight seal and proper insulation to keep the cold out.

The Benefits of Installing Windows in Winter

Winter might not seem like the ideal time to schedule a window replacement, but there are several unique advantages to planning such a project during the colder season, including:

  • Scheduling flexibility: Winter is typically a slower season for window installations, meaning customers have greater freedom when it comes to scheduling their projects. Contractors may have shorter lead times, which could result in a quicker turnaround for your installation.
  • Energy efficiency: By installing new windows in the winter, you can ensure greater energy efficiency for your home and reduced heating expenses. New windows offer improved insulation and reduce thermal transfer, helping keep your home warmer and your wallet thicker.
  • Indoor comfort: Greater insulation means higher energy efficiency and results in increased indoor comfort. As your new windows minimize heat loss, your St. Louis home retains warmth more easily, resulting in a cozier space on the coldest days.


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