Woman tilting in a double-hung window.
Both sashes lift up and
tilt in for easy cleaning.
Graphic illustrating air infiltration possibilities in poorly designed window.
Poorly designed windows can
leak air in numerous places,
making your home drafty.

The Difference Between Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Like many choices in life, choosing between double-hung and single-hung windows is a matter of personal preference. To make your decision easier, we try to provide a combination of all the best qualities of both window types.

You should consider ease of use, affordability, comfort, and energy efficiency, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds regardless of the choice you make.

Double-Hung Windows Feature Two Sashes That Lift

Perhaps the only real advantage of a double-hung over a single-hung window is the ability of double-hungs to have both its sashes move up and down. Both sashes can also tilt inward, offering easy cleaning and maintenance.

In comparison, on a single-hung window, only the bottom sash can be lifted up, making it more challenging to clean the top sash.

Single-Hung Windows Can Be More Affordable

Generally, single-hung windows are more affordable, as they require less hardware because their top sashes aren’t operational. If you’re hoping to keep the cost down, it may be good to opt for single-hung windows.

Both Window Styles Help Keep Outdoor Air Out

Regardless of which you choose, you can be confident that Zen Windows St. Louis designed both types to prevent air infiltration. They come with air and water barriers and at least two strips of weatherstripping around their sash perimeter, allowing minimal air to get in and out of your home.

With Zen Windows, you’re guaranteed to get the best air infiltration ratings in the business.

Are Single-Hung Windows More Energy Efficient Than Double-Hung Windows?

If you’re trying to determine which is more energy-efficient, it really depends on their frame and sash construction and the type of glass used.

Assuming both have foam insulation in their sash and frame and high-performing glass is used, you can never go wrong regardless of which design you choose. With Zen Windows, we offer several options, including over 20 different glass packages to suit any energy efficiency requirements you may have.

Still can’t decide which replacement window style is best for you? Contact us today for more information.