Garden Windows in St. Louis, MOWith garden windows, you can bring in the sunshine and better views of your gorgeous outdoor setting. You can even create extra space for plants or little greenhouse, adding charm and elegance to your St. Louis home! In fact, that’s basically what garden windows are built and designed for—to welcome some of the best outdoor elements into your home.

At Zen Windows, we offer top-notch garden window sales, replacement, and garden window installation in and around the St. Louis area! Our team makes getting new home windows easy and completely stress-free, offering quick quotes, superior workmanship, and an experience that is completely tailored to your needs.

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What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are three-dimensional windows that extend outward from the wall of your house. Similar in concept to greenhouses, garden windows are configured with one window on top and three on the sides. This design lets them to easily:

  • Invite a lot of natural light into the room
  • Provide ventilation from the side vents whenever you need it
  •  Offer additional display space that can be ideal for plants, flowers, and herbs

Although gardens windows are commonly in kitchens, they can be installed in nearly any room of your St. Louis house. Generally, they’re best suited for spaces that don’t interfere with your outdoor living areas, like patios or decks.

The Benefits of New Garden Windows in St. Louis

Garden windows are quite unique, as well as gorgeous. And their benefits go beyond sheer aesthetics! With garden windows from Zen Windows, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • More usable space: Since garden windows project outward from the home, they create shelf space that is ideal for showcasing your keepsakes, photos, or indoor houseplants.
  • More natural light: Like a greenhouse, garden windows are designed to maximize light intake. That can make them great options for adding light to kitchens, living rooms, and other areas of your home.
  • Excellent ventilation: With the right breeze, garden windows can ventilate as well as a casement window, offering fresh air on a nice day.
  • Added home value: Garden window installation can add charm and style to your home. While these windows can add curb appeal, they also have the potential to increase your home’s value.

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The Zen Window Process & Guarantee

Zen Windows is a window company built entirely around providing you with a simple, stress-free means of getting great replacement windows for your home. Our quick, no-hassle quote process is geared towards helping you find windows that meet your needs, budget, and style.

We believe you deserve to get the windows you want without the high-pressure sales tactics. We also believe in providing top-quality windows at competitive prices and delivering excellent service every time.

When you work with our window installation experts, you’ll enjoy our:

  • No-money-down policy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranties on our windows and service

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  • Multi-point locking system
  • Fully welded vinyl frame
  • Aluminum and steel reinforcements
  • Tempered, double-strength top glass
  • EnergySmart® insulating glass units


Optional Add-Ons

  • Adjustable 3/8″ glass shelf

Garden Window Color Options
Garden Windows: Interior Color Options